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    Easy Sustainable Swaps | AD

    We all know we should be doing more for the planet, but sometimes the thought of changing our entire lifestyle can be overwhelming. Here are some easy sustainable swaps we can all make as a collective to help reduce our impact on the planet. *Items marked with a * are PR samples sent from brands, I have no obligation to post about. As always my opinions are honest. Sustainable Period Products Every person who has a period uses on average up to 11,000 disposable products in a lifetime. These do not go away, they don’t biodegrade and they don’t help our planet. An easy sustainable swap to make is to…

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    Which Eco Friendly Deodorant Is Best?

    So you’ve decided you’d like to use some more sustainable health and beauty products. One of the first questions you might ask is which eco friendly deodorant is best or the most sustainable? I tried a few different eco friendly and cruelty-free deodorants out so that you don’t have to. Here’s a run down of which ones I tried and what I thought about them. Why is it hard to choose a good eco friendly deodorant? Natural Deodorants are an absolute minefield for so many reasons, including: Not many are available in shops. Greenwashing by big brands make their products sound more “green” than they actually are. Deodorants may be…

  • 20 Books To Read in 2020 Victoria Hislop Book Stack

    20 Books To Read In 2020

    This year I have been on a self imposed book buying ban, until I did this huge book haul after my birthday. Here’s 20 books to read in 2020. *AD – This post contains affiliate links (this means if you follow the links and buy from them I earn a small percentage to help run my blog. Clicking these links doesn’t cost you anything extra. I Have a Lot of Books… My TBR (to be read) pile is absolutely out of control, so at the start of this year I decided I needed to do something about it. I decided that I would not purchase any books until my birthday…

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    My Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine |AD

    For the last few years I have been working hard to ensure that I have a cruelty-free skincare routine and today I’ll share my favourite products with you. Let’s be real, there are millions of skincare products out there, all promising instant results to reduce wrinkles, eradicate blemishes and give us glowy skin and they all have amazing advertising campaigns to draw us in. Have you ever stopped to think about the impact your skincare products could be having on animals? Unfortunately lots of companies still test their products on animals before they hit the shelf. Today I’m here to help you pick through this minefield and suggest to you…

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    Things To Do In Lockdown

    How’s everyone finding things? Are you struggling to find things to do in lockdown? On a scale of crawling the walls to embracing life as a recluse I’d say I sit somewhere in the middle. I’m very happy to stay indoors at the moment and have only left my house twice in eight weeks ( and no I’m not even shielding). However I am of course really missing seeing my loved ones. I’m very lucky that I can work from home, I don’t have children to homeschool and that we’ve been able to get food deliveries so I haven’t needed to venture out. Today I thought I’d share some things…

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    My Most Anticipated Reads of 2020

    I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a bookworm and I love to read. Today I thought I would share my most anticipated reads of 2020 with you. I love to track my reading on Goodreads so that I have a clear picture of where I’m at in terms of meeting my reading goals. In 2020 I have set myself the goal of reading 50 books in the year. Last year I managed 42 books so it seems manageable. As I’m writing this at the start of March, I have currently read 12 books so I’m on track to meet my goal. There are lots of exciting books due…