So My Best Friend is Moving to Prague

* Cue tears *

As much as I love travel, I do not love it when it means I wont see one of my best pals for months on end. She hasn’t even left yet and I’m distraught.

Let me explain, Danielle is off to study for a semester abroad, on an exchange programme at Charles University in Prague. Whilst me and my other friends, Caitlin and Sam are stuck in rainy England studying History, she will be studying History, whilst trotting round this exciting city and sending photos that will make us all jealous.


Anyone who has been to University will understand that even though you might not have known your uni friends the longest, they manage to worm their way into your heart and stay there. The thought of not seeing her face for 5 months traumatised me and the others that much, that we are already planning to visit her halfway through her stay (really we just wanted an excuse to visit Prague).


As much as I’ll miss her I’m also very excited for her to go and experience this amazing opportunity. I wish I had the balls to go and do something like this, maybe one day I’ll venture out into the big wide world on my own and take a leaf out of her book.

When me and my other friends go and stay I am very excited to have a good nosy round as I’ve never visited the Czech Republic before (despite learning lots about its past). There is so much to see I don’t even know where to start; Prague Castle, The Jewish Museum, Old Town Square and Charles Bridge just to name a few. What I’m even more giddy about visiting than the history, is all the places Danielle has discovered on her trip, that are a bit more off the beaten path. I want to see all the cute cafes and side streets as well as all the main tourist attractions that make Prague the busy city that it is.

How can I talk about Prague without mentioning the Beer. Not only is it cheap, it is also the best around. As lovers of a night out and a good bar crawl, I can see our little reunion abroad including some of the famous ales. We have already had to host a “Birthday/ Bon Voyage Bonanza” for her so I can only imagine when we are all together again.

I guess the final thing that needs to be said is Good Luck Danielle! If you’re reading this, have the most amazing time and I can’t wait to come visit!

Meg x


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