Wardrobe Declutter

So this might bore some of you to tears but if you’re anything like me ie. Nosy, hopefully you will enjoy this post.

I’m having a bit of a decluttering moment which basically means I’m in the process of purging my house of unnecessary objects and clothes that I no longer need or want- spurred on by various YouTube videos explaining the best ways how.

When decluttering your wardrobe the best thing to do is take everything out- we’re talking  drawers and all get every single thing out on the bed where you can see it properly. Then while it’s empty give your wardrobe or chest of drawers a quick clean (they can get pretty dusty). I’d like to take this point to mention you should probably allocate yourself a few hours or even a whole day to do this, it can take a while.

When clearing out clothes you should ask yourself these questions;

. Does it fit me?

. When did I last wear it? In the last 6 months? In the last year?

. Do I like this item?

If you answer no to these questions its probably time to get rid of it! Try not to be sentimental, nobody is going to tell you off for parting with a gift they gave you 7 years ago when you had a completely different sense of style.

Some other techniques to help cull your clothes are to use the KonMarie method from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up . Ask yourself does this item ‘Spark Joy’? If it does and you really love it then keep it, if it doesn’t then you can let it go. My other top tip is to imagine you don’t currently own the item, if you saw it in the shop today would you buy it now? If not then you probably aren’t going to wear it again.

So you’ve cleared everything out, now what to do with the unwanted?

. Bin It-Is it ripped/stained/bobbly?- If it is beyond rescue just bin it, even charity shops can’t resell really ruined clothes.

. Let friends or family have a look through- Just because you’ve outgrown it or are no longer keen doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect for someone else.

My bestie Amy always gets first pickings of my wardrobe.

. Donate to charity shops- Any donations are appreciated and they except most things besides from underwear.

Pile of Clothes and Shoes to Donate to Charity.

. Sell it- If an item is in good condition, was expensive or is still in style then sell on sites such as eBay or Depop to earn a little bit of money.

. Bras or Unworn packs of underwear- You can donate these items to Smalls For All, a charity who donate underwear to women and girls in Africa who can’t afford or don’t have access to these items which we take for granted.

If you’re ruthless with yourself, in theory you should end up with a wardrobe where you love every item and are excited to wear it. You never know if you earn any money from selling items you could invest that money into some new pieces that work well with the clothes you have chosen to keep. Plus when you have a clear out it helps you realise what brands and styles you love and which ones you have passed on, this means you can be more smart when you do shop and think about whether an item from a certain shop will last/ appeal to you in 6 months time before you buy it.

Still full but waaaaaaaay better than before- can you tell I like stripes?

My wardrobe is still by no means minimal, I would still say I have a lot of clothes but it’s a fraction of what I used to have and everyones amounts and style preferences are different.

Hopefully this was helpful to some of you, let me know if you have any tips you use when you have a clear out.

Meg x




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