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We all know it’s nice to be nice, but often people seem to forget that these days and it doesn’t make for a very nice world to live in. Today, as we enter into Spring, is my Dad’s birthday, and as one of the kindest, relaxed people I know, I thought it would good to talk about kindness on his special day!

Me and Dad circa 1999. Happy Birthday Dad!!!

My main New Year’s Resolution for 2017 was to be nicer to people and do good things, so far I’ve noticed that being pleasant and doing good deeds makes you feel amazing! Making a positive impact on the people around you really makes you feel more engaged with them and is also good for your mental health as you think more ‘good’ thoughts, rather than being weighed down with the negatives and mundane bitchiness of everyday life. I’ve always been taught as a child to be kind and share and this year I’m trying to remember those lessons as best I can.

It doesn’t have to be much, but acts of kindness can have an enormous affect on people’s lives, think of it as a butterfly affect, your kindness could impact another person to also act kindly and so on and so on. Even something as simple as a smile can make a huge difference to somebody that’s having a bad day, or feeling nervous. So even if you take nothing else from this, smile more- its free!

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”-Roald Dahl.

Help out! This could mean helping somebody struggling with their bags, giving up your seat for somebody who needs it more, helping a friend out with a project, giving change to the homeless, standing in as a replacement worker/driver etc in an emergency. People really appreciate it when you help them out of a pinch, it makes you feel good but it will also be remembered and maybe you will be able to call in a favour one day.

Give to charity! This can be any charity you choose and remember that a little bit goes a long way. You could fundraise for Comic Relief at work, run Race for Life for Cancer Research, do a Dechox for the British Heart Foundation or even just put your spare change in charity boxes at the till.

Photo Courtesy of British Heart Foundation

Donate! Donate clothes to charity shops, food to food banks, pet supplies to animal shelters, toiletries to women’s shelters. Whatever you have or can afford. Just because you don’t want an item anymore doesn’t mean it won’t be useful for someone else. I found this when I did a recent Wardrobe Declutter and donated bags of clothes to the local charity shop.

Volunteer! Offer up your time to charity or events that require help, it may sound boring but it can actually be very rewarding as you gain experience and meet lovely people. It’s a win win situation as the charity receives help and you gain experience which could be put on a CV. At Christmas I volunteered at Home Alone At Christmas, providing a christmas dinner and party for elderly people who would otherwise be alone. This was an eye opening experience and it was lovely to be able to chat to so many nice people and provide a service that would be impossible without volunteers!

Don’t Bitch! Now for a lot of us this is a difficult one but it makes you feel better. I’ve been trying not to join in too much with bitching sessions on the group chat (we all do it). It really opens up room for more creative and happy thoughts when you aren’t sat brooding over something thats annoyed you but someone else. If you don’t like someone just don’t speak to them if you can avoid it and don’t let them affect your life when you aren’t even with them. This is probably the most difficult one but is definitely the most rewarding if you can manage it.

Do you have any acts of kindness you want to share whether they be from a friend or a stranger?

Meg x



  • livelaughlib

    I really enjoyed reading this, charity and volunteering work is so important to me so it’s nice to see like minded bloggers! Also I’ve nominated you for The Liebster Award over on my blog, loving your content! xx

    • weeklymeg

      Thankyou for reading! I just feel like not enough people talk about it and it’s nice to see something positive when all we ever hear about is the bad stuff going on. Thankyou so much that’s lovely of you!!☺️💜

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