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March Favourites

So March has dragged, I think because I’ve now been without chocolate for 28 days, TWENTY EIGHT DAYS. On the plus side at least the weathers picked up!

My first favourite this month has to be Beauty and the Beast! If you haven’t seen it stop reading this post and book your tickets (well don’t actually stop reading, you know what I mean). I went with my boyfriend Josh and even he really enjoyed it. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the original as it’s one of my favourite ever Disney films but I wasn’t disappointed. Emma Watson is the PERFECT Belle and the animation is beautiful I can’t wait to watch it again on DVD.


Next up a beauty favourite. The Eco Tools Duo Perfecting Blender Duo have really impressed me, I bought this pair of sponges on a whim instead of my usual Real Techniques ones and I have been so impressed. They don’t soak up too much product so that you end up wasting it all and they give a nice even coverage for foundation and also a softer finish on products like cream blush. If you’re looking for some affordable, ethical (vegan) sponges these are great and well worth the money.


Another beauty/skincare product I’ve been enjoying is the Optiat Hit the Sheets Vanilla Coffee Scrub*. This scrub is produced using recycled coffee grounds from local coffee shops in London, the idea is to create natural skincare with less of a carbon footprint. This scrub is amazing and smells good enough to eat (Warning- don’t I found out the hard way it does not taste how it smells). The scrub left my face feeling really smooth and clear as it got rid of all the yucky dry skin left over from winter. I think next I might try the Peppermint Hungover Scrub as I imagine that also smells gorgeous!



Now because I’m incredibly greedy I need to inform you of my most recent snack favourites. As I haven’t been eating chocolate in March whilst being on my Dechox (You can donate here), I’ve been trying to replace it with other sweet things and I have succeeded. Lotus Biscoff biscuits are a must if you are a tea or coffee lover, the caramel provides the sweetness I’ve been craving and they are also very good for dunking fyi. Next and slightly more healthy, but not much is a Tesco Greek Style Honey Yogurt, it sounds boring but trust me try it. Natural yogurt and honey is now my new staple breakfast, snack,after dinner snack, midnight snack- name a time and I’ve eaten it then.


How can this be a March favourites without mentioning Ed Sheeran’s Divide, everyone and I mean everyone has been playing this none stop for the whole month. This is definitely my favourite of his 3 albums and I can tell it’s probably going to carry on to be the soundtrack to  Summer. I won’t bore you too much as you also most likely know all the words like I do, but my top faves are Eraser, Gallaway Girl and New Man.


This month I’ve managed to read 2 books, one of which I have been trying to finish since I went skiing in February. Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven was a lovely book and I’m glad I finally got round to finishing it. If you’re a fan of duel narrator books then this would be a good one to try, it really gives an insight into how what you say can have an impact on another person. The other book was FACE by Pixiwoo, the book was a christmas gift which I really enjoyed reading and learning new tips and tricks about makeup application. This would be the perfect gift for a budding makeup artist.


I feel like this is such a random favourites this month, there doesn’t seem to be any themes because next up is some candles. I received the Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin Tea Lights back at Christmas from my Auntie and Uncle and this month I have finished burning them all (cries). This is quite a warm homely smell if that makes sense, but I am an advocate of burning Autumn and Winter scents all year round so I don’t care.

Unfortunately half of my favourites are things I can’t show you photos of, but next up is Broadchurch. The 3rd and final series is being aired at the moment but if you’ve never seen it then I highly recommend it- but you must watch it from the start as it follows on. It’s the classic “who done it?” but it constantly keeps you guessing with plot twists to end all plot twists. Also who doesn’t love David Tenant? Without a doubt my favourite tv programme right now.

So my most recent favourite from this last week was when we went to see Peace play live at the Student’s Union. So this was a sure fire favourite and the night was off to a great start until I completely randomly had a panic attack before they even started playing (God-knows why because I feel totally comfortable in a gig environment). Anyway despite this slight setback it was great to see Peace again after they spent some time away, they played all my favourites and whats more, Topman who ran the little tour gave everybody a free £10 voucher to spend so that was alright I suppose. If you want to see a few snippets of the gig check out Amy’s most recent vlog.


Speaking of which, my bestie Amy is my final favourite (how could she not be). Obviously she is always my favourite but I just want to share how fabulous she is with the rest of you, her vlog channel is something she’s been working really hard on recently and it would be amazing if you could like and subscribe- she’s actually pretty interesting.

So if you’re still here thanks for reading. Let me know what you’ve been loving this month, will you be trying any of these products/programs?

Meg x

*Any products marked with a * were kindly sent to me by brands but all opinions are my own.





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