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Sunday Funday

So if you live in the UK, unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have noticed the lovely weather we had this past weekend. We Brits donned our summer wardrobe, headed to the parks and the beaches, cracked out the BBQ and enjoyed our short time in the sun. As I work Saturday’s I wanted to make sure I made the most of the lovely weather on Sunday so I set an alarm and got up to have a nice day.

When will I remember to delete the instagram emojis????

Me and Josh headed out for breakfast at our favourite cafe in Sheffield, Marmadukes. We had some gorgeous pancakes with maple syrup and bacon and I had a fresh apple juice too. If you’re looking for a quirky cafe with good food this is the place to go, the staff are friendly, it’s not too expensive and it’s located right in the city centre and not to mention it’s very instagramable.



Next we headed out for a wander into town, it was the Sheffield Half Marathon so there was a great atmosphere in town as well and lots of people strutting round in some questionable fancy dress. We headed to some independent shops on Chapel Walk and also some vintage shops, where I FINALLY  found the perfect Denim jacket (I’ve been without one and searching for a new one since 2014). I managed to bag a vintage Levi’s one for £22 in Brag Vintage so I didn’t think that was bad at all.

Have an outfit photo minus my new jacket.

Then we (along with half of Sheffield) headed to the Peace Gardens to lay on the grass and enjoy the sunshine, it was nice to be able to just lounge about for a day rather than rushing about running errands, or working. The day got even better when we bumped into our friends Sam and Billy and the four of us just chilled and had a cider until the sun went in and it finally turned cooler.

For anyone wondering, Sam’s sunglasses are from Topshop.
I became more and more obsessed with my skirt as the day went on.

A less eventful end to the day was a curry night with everyone and the boys watching the Masters final until 1am, me and Sam decided we’d watch something else and decided on 13 Reasons Why. OMG it’s amazing, I’m a bit obsessed- you need to watch this. It’s available on Netflix and I just can’t stop watching now I’ve started. Originally a book, this series follows the aftermath of a suicide and it really makes you think about how your actions can affect the lives of others, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you.

So here’s what happened on my sunny day off, I hope this didn’t bore you too much, you probably had a pretty similar day to me if you had spare time.

Meg x


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