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For this weeks travel post I thought I’d do something a bit different. I decided to ask my friends and family about their favourite trips instead of rambling on about mine all the time. I thought it would give an insight into lots of different places as a whistle stop tour of the world all in one blog post. So today I have the easy job of simply adding these all together while they do all the real work and write my blog for me. I hope you enjoy it, leave comments about your favourite holiday and why in the comments below

Alice age 17

My favourite holiday has to be Disney in Florida (that could change once I get the opportunity to travel to places I would really like to visit). I have visited 4 times with family and we made the best memories. Even though I was young I can still remember what we did whilst we were there. If you’re planning on going I would suggest staying for at least 2-3 weeks if you want to get the most of the parks and visit them all. We visited Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios but my favourite bit was obviously meeting all of the princesses at Magic Kingdom. I think it’s one of the most magical places anyone will ever visit. The people that work there are so lovely and even though it’s expensive it is definitely worth saving up for and taking your friends/ family in the future.



Amy age 20

My cousin and I travelled to Thailand last March for 3 weeks to visit my grandparents who are now living out there. However whilst we were there we decided to do a bit of travelling round! Over the 3 weeks we visited Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Hua Hin and Bangkok and had the best time! As you can imagine we packed LOTS into our time there but my highlight has got to be the Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan, I’ve never seen anything like it and would recommend it to anyone if they are considering it! My other faves include partying on Bangla Road in Phuket, experiencing the craziness of the tuk tuks in Bangkok and visiting the famous Thai massage parlours! Thailand is such a beautiful country with amazing culture and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back again if I ever got the chance.



Jack age 17

On 14th February 2015, I got the phenomenal chance to go and experience New York with the school’s Drama department. After finally persuading my parents to let me go it was like a dream come true, this was my chance to see one of the most notorious cities in the world… for 3 days. I prepared for the 9 hour flight by binge watching Air Crash Investigation, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the smartest move. From the minute I stepped off the plane I thought ‘bloody hell it’s cold’ but the sight was everything I thought it would be. I saw Wicked on Broadway as well as participating in a workshop with the cast earlier that day which did nothing but fuel my passion and dedication to become an actor and do the job I love. We saw all the famous sights like Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty and The Empire State Building all in 3 days, which was exhausting but breathtaking. Like every holiday it had it’s downs like the numerous times I fell over ice skating in Central Park or the fact that I’d packed a variety of ripped jeans, which was fine until I got out in the snow and the -12 degree temperatures. So I might have ended up leaving with bruises and a cold but I also left with life long friends, memories and if someone offered me the chance to go back I’d take it in a heartbeat.


Laura age 24

I went on a whole-family holiday to Florida for 2 weeks and it was insane! There were 8 of us so we stayed in a villa which was out of this world with around 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and it’s own pool and outside dining area. We went in the height of summer which meant it was hot everyday but also had a few storms here and there. We went to Disney, obviously, universal studios, discovery cove (twice because it is just heaven in that place) and did a number of other touristy things. The lads went to a baseball match, we all went shopping and also just had some down-time around the pool. I fell in love with America when we went the first time, but the second just blew me away completely!



Sally age 20

How to start…when Meg asked me to write a little something about holidays I suppose she though she’d ask me as she does always say “Sally when are you ever in the country?.” This is true, I love my holidays, I love the escapes and I love the sun. Although my family have been lucky enough to travel to many exotic and breath taking places, the place I have to say I love the most is the British favourite…Tenerife. Since 3 years old I have travelled the 4 hour flight, 2 or 3 times a year to reach the beautiful, guaranteed sunshine destination. I do call it my second home and I still feel like that at 20 years old. As a family we have regularly stayed in a rented villa in Sunningdale Village, Golf Del Sur. Not the biggest of towns but the most family orientated, warming and lovely of towns I have ever travelled to. We met friends, we had laughs and shared endless smiles in Gold Del Sur and so it would be a highly recommended place for any family (my whole family would agree!). With views of the sea from your balcony, the smell of fresh sea air as well as the smell of sun (yes, we all know the smell of sun…) it has helped me create some of the most wonderful memories. 2 years ago, I shared this beautiful place with my friend and she loved it just the same! If you do believe my ramblings on the beautiful nature of the area I like to call home, it won’t disappoint. I would definitely recommend a trip up Mount Teide, at night the stars are incredible (one of the world’s biggest telescopes sits on top of the sleeping volcano, so if you’re a fellow space enthusiast like me it’s worth the trip). As always a trip to the beach is a must- Los Gigantes is small, unique and quirky. So I guess I agree with Meg, when am I not on holiday because Tenerife is my second home and I’m sure it always will be.



Ellis age 16

My favourite holiday by far have been two skiing trips. I’ve been on two and both were very different, in 2014 I went to St Anton in Austria with school, the highlight of which was swimming outside and it started to snow! This year the whole family went to Kitzbuhel in Austria, the view from the house was so beautiful and it was cool getting to ski with my sister everyday. I loved this trip because I got to go away with family members that I don’t always get to see that often and it made the trip even more special.



Pat age 48

After being married for 20 years we decided to treat ourselves to ‘Anniversary August” and booked all kinds of treats for each weekend of that month, we started spectacularly with the London Olympics but had a trip to Rome as a highlight and conclusion to the month. We booked via Expaedia having found a 5 day trip with a really well located 4* star hotel for around £650 ! We had a go at planning an itinerary before we flew out to help with gauging what our spending budget would need to be and in the process found an escorted tour of the Colosseum,( which we will come too later ) We also pre-booked a chauffeured Mercedes taxi for our airport transfers. Hotel Cosmopolita was located just a short distance from the Trajan Markets, the Altare della Patria and was also close to the Colosseum and Roman Forum, perfect for our trip. We crammed our days with as many of the sightseeing hotspots as we possibly could, just in case we never had the chance to return. Rome is pretty unique in that there is literally history on every street corner, the avenues and streets are decorated with ancient monuments and statues, you are walking amongst museum pieces. Rome must have some of the most priceless street furniture in the world. There are ruins alongside pavements and bronzes set into the pedestrian walkways, it’s a bit mind boggling to begin with when you realise that the city is still showing the original foundations of human civilisation.

Rome has evolved so much, for example, it has some of the best of Italian designer labels on it’s famous shopping strips, yet for us, because there are other places in the world where these stores are also present, this was not a highlight. We were more in awe of the unique places in the city. We walked miles and miles to see those famous sites and took absolutely hundreds of lovely photographs – the weather was typical for the time of year being hot, sunny and blue skied all day. There is tons to see in Rome without having to pay expensive entrance fees, just happening across some of the worlds iconic landmarks is pretty amazing, I suppose there is a similarity to other capital cities such as London in that respect.

We wandered and found the Spanish Steps, Piazza Novona ( which used to be a chariot racing circuit ) and Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Venizia. and Palazzo Valentini, and the Pantheon with its columned front and stunning interior topped with a perfect oculus.These were all fantastic sites, but the most amazing discovery was walking through a little maze of narrow streets and have them open up to reveal the world famous Trevi Fountain. I was not prepared for how huge or ornate it is. Our anniversary card from our kids had 2 coin stuck inside it, they had been minted the year we were married. We sat on the edge of the fountain, kissed our pennies and threw them over our shoulders into the fountain with a wish – this also apparently acts as guarantee to return to Rome which I am hoping comes true!

I mentioned earlier a booked excursion to the Colosseum, which included going onto and under the amphitheatre floor to see the Gladiator’s and animal area, with a brilliant description of how clever the Romans were at theatrics and event production. We also obviously walked the ancient ruined walls and passageways, or vomitorium as they were called and realised that today’s stadium designs are not so far removed from this original design. Another of our guided trips was to the Vatican Museum. We appeared to be travelling in a different direction to lot of other visitors as we walked around but our guide took us through a chronological tour of art so that we could see the development of styles and recognise the repeated themes and characters in the paintings. I am neither religious nor an art expert but by the time I was ready to enter the Sistine Chapel I recognised St Peter, St Paul, St Sebastian and many more in many of the priceless artworks. I feel very privileged to have looked at masterpieces by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Leonardo. In the Sistine chapel the guards are constantly saying ‘no photo, no photo” interspersed with loud SHHHushes, but I couldn’t resist and snook a crafty upwards picture and got a great shot of one of the worlds greatest artistic achievements.

The only place to compare to the opulence and scale of the Vatican Museum is St Peter’s Basilica itself, set in it’s own huge Square and also full to bursting (as in, to the roof ) with priceless sculptures and artworks by the greatest ever artists. You don’t need to be into art to be impressed. Aside from culture and history, Rome is the place for great (yet expensive ) Gelato, food, wine and shopping. In my opinion, if you like European City Breaks this is a ‘Must do’ at least once in a lifetime, you don’t necessarily need to wait to be married for 20 years to treat yourself, go if you are a Culture Vulture, Shopping fan or just fancy being gobsmacked by ancient ingenuity.

My Dad at the Trevi Fountain

Thanks for reading all my friends and family’s adventures, it appears florida is an especially popular destination with us Brits and my Mum cannot edit a short piece to save her life. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about the places they’re passionate about as much as I have.
Meg x


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