The Girls Holiday

You may already have been on one, you may be planning one or you may think they are the worst idea in the world but we have all heard of the Girls Holiday. It is a rite of passage that we young adults must experience before becoming a proper grown up. Or if you fancy it, proper grownups can still go and let their hair down as well. Today I thought I’d talk through the pro’s a cons of going away with your friends that I’ve found from my own experiences.


Going back to Summer 2015, my A- Levels were finished, I was off to Uni in September and our Girls Holiday was booked for the end of July. Me and my friends Amy and Savannah took ourselves off to the travel agents and asked for the cheapest deal, all we knew is that we did not want to go to Magaluf or Kavos but apart from that we kept an open mind. We settled on Malia in Crete and I’m so glad we did. I would say Malia is an ideal first solo holiday with friends as everything is very nearby, the beaches are clean and most importantly I felt safe, the strip was well lit for walking home at night and the only things to really be cautious of were all the quad bikes being driven by drunken idiots.

We stayed in the Vergas Hotel, which was at the opposite end of the strip to most of the other hotels (but nearest to McDonalds so we were the real winners) which meant we could actually get to sleep at night and out hotel pool wasn’t full of strangers who weren’t staying there which happened much more the further up the strip you went. I would highly recommend booking some events while you are there so you don’t get bored of laying by the pool or on the beach all day. We chose to go to WaterCity, the water park that I mentioned in my Crete post, a boat party and a paint party. Now if you don’t like mess don’t even bother with the paint party, we got fully ready to go out only to get covered in UV paint and had to go home have a shower and get fully ready again. Also warning if you see paint flying shut your eyes, that stuff stings, but overall it was a really fun night.


Next the boat party with G21, this booze cruise is designed to get you as drunk as humanly possible, if you don’t like games and being put on the spot this probably isn’t for you. The reps were great and went out of their way to make sure everyone was having fun and getting absolutely smashed. Anyone that knows my drinking habits now will know these kinds of events are no longer my cup of tea, it was a really fun day of fun in the sun and getting to jump off the boat but now I am much less likely to binge drink. Finally the waterpark, I would recommend this completely, it’s a great day and is relatively cheap- just don’t fall asleep in the sun in the afternoon like we all did, you will end up burnt and with sun-stroke.

We enjoyed the holiday so much that we went back the following year for Malia 2.0 with our friend Amber in tow this time, we stayed at the same hotel as the staff had been so lovely the year before and the location was perfect. This time we repeated the waterpark and paint party but instead of the Boat Party we replaced it with a Beach Party and a Full Moon Party. We were older this year, we had visions of looking classy on the beach in our kimonos and sipping cocktails. Wrong. We cocked up and mixed up the days- queue us running late with a stinking hangover, no makeup and when we got there we were greeted by G21 yet again and we realised the error of our ways- this was not an event to undertake with a hangover (so plan your previous night out accordingly). With Savannah too hungover to move and Amber petrified of being chosen for a game, me and Amy decided the only way to avoid public humiliation would be to get a few beers down us to. We opted for the down half the bottle trick so that if we accidently drank right handed we only had half a Corona to publicly strawpeedo instead of the whole thing. Long story short this ended badly and this accidental day sesh led to me falling asleep in my burger that night at the restaurant but did make for the best day of the holiday.


Next the full moon party, this was a weird one, think drinking Sex on the Beach out of a bucket, then placing said bucket on your head and dancing on your friends shoulders to Will Griggs’ on Fire. It was essentially an Astroturf with a dj and a bar and some questionable toilets, we didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t that, however we still really enjoyed it.



These kind of stories are why girls, or lads holidays are the best, they involve funny memories and great nights out, there’s something about the warm weather that will keep you going until 6am abroad when you would normally be tucked up by 2am at home. These holidays are funny, lairy and usually pretty cheap although personally the second time around I didn’t’ feel like it was quite the same. This might because it wasn’t the first time I had experienced Malia’s strip, although all the popular clubs had changed round, our favourites have included Apollo, Candy, Warehouse and Brit Bar depending on the year. It may just been down to us being older, I’m not as big on nights out at home now as I was when I was 18 so it could just have been that too. Or it could have been that the first time round I was single and the second time I wasn’t. Now I’m not for a second saying being in a relationship means you can’t have fun and go out and enjoy yourself but it does make you less tolerant of people that will not leave you alone and don’t understand that no means no. There is something very frustrating about someone who doesn’t just want a chat to be friendly and that touches you when you don’t want to be and/or follows you around after being told you are not interested. There are a lot of very drunk people on the strip and a large mix of cultures and it’s just something to be aware of that sometimes people can overstep the mark.


Some top tips to surviving a girls holiday are as follows:

  • Pack bite cream, the second time around some Mosquitos took a liking to me and my leg got infected and was very sore and itchy and I had to go out wearing a bandage on the my shin- not a good look.


  • Buy bottled water as soon as you get there, for one it’s not always safe to drink tap water (so don’t get ice in your drinks either) but also you will thank yourself in the mornings.
  • Eat on your way home, the food will settle your stomach and also stop the drunken cravings for a subway.
  • This one is specific to Malia but its probably the same in all party towns, buy a wristband on your first night, the one we got was from the official box office which was around 100 euros but allowed entry to every club for the whole 10 days we were there, which means you can move around if a club is a bit quiet and you don’t have to pay the 10 euro door fee each time so overall it is well worth it. You don’t need to buy a wristband online before you go as many wont allow you access to a lot of places when you get there, even though they may be cheaper to buy they aren’t worth the money.
  • Prepare for your trip buy purchasing as much glitter as possible to jazz yourselves up once there, face glitter, body glitter, glitter hairsprays, you name it we wore it.


  • Invest in a bum bag, don’t ask questions you just need one, small enough so that it doesn’t get in the way but close toy your body so you can keep your valuables safe on your nights out.

I absolutely loved my time in Malia both times and I look back and I’m so glad I went! Would I go again? Probably not, it’s just not my thing anymore, I’d rather go on a city break or a nice holiday with my friends to either a nice beach holiday or a wander round somewhere in Europe rather than drinking my money away. I would highly recommend this type of holiday to any young people looking for a fun time or a way of celebrating the end of exams or a big birthday, try and cram as much in as possible because you might never go back. Just prepare yourself to be sat penniless, sunburnt and hungover in the airport waiting to go home where you will legitimately want to sleep for a week straight to feel human again.


Let me know if you have any funny girls holiday stories or any advice for people thinking of going in the comments below!

Meg x


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