A Tour of Sheffield

This post is essentially going to be an ode to Sheffield. I love it, it’s my hometown, where I grew up, where I go to uni and where I love to explore. There are so many cool thing to do and places to eat right in the city centre that are within walking distance of near enough everything. I thought I’d make a hand picked list of places I particularly love if you’re looking for somewhere new to have coffee.

Places to Eat


Okay so this one is my fave for a lazy Sunday brunch, me and Josh love to go here for the bacon and maple syrup pancakes which I mentioned in my Sunday Funday Post- they are to die for!! The staff are friendly and the food is lovely and the café is just in generally really cool, it’s also located just off of Fargate, which is the main shopping street. I’ve also been here with the girls and had some gorgeous Pumpkin soup so it’s perfect for every meal of the day.



Steam Yard

This one is a must for coffee and a cake, it’s recently been expanded because it’s so popular and it’s also been ranked one of the best coffee shops in the UK in a recent poll. If you’re looking for somewhere to have a cuppa and a donut with a friend then this is the place, located on quirky Division Street, this is in a perfect place for a well-earned shopping break.



If you want a really nice restaurant to celebrate with a traditional Italian meal then this is the place. We went here for my Grandma’s birthday meal with the whole family and everyone enjoyed it. I’ve also been here for breakfast recently and the staff can’t do enough for you, if you want a breakfast that’s a bit more than beans on toast you’ll find it here.


Moor Fisheries

Now don’t laugh at me for this one, if you want a cheap and cheerful dinner for under a fiver then look no further than Moor Fisheries. The fish and chips are delicious and the Chip Butties are bigger than your head. Enough said, if you’re a student you need to get here asap.


Places to Go/ Things to Do

Botanical Gardens

If you like the outdoors the Botanical Garden ticks all the right boxes, if you can get here on a nice day when the sun’s out there are endless photo opportunities. It’s the perfect place for a run or a picnic or just a wander through the massive greenhouses or ponds. This place is literally right on my doorstep and I love it.


The Light Cinema

Now I rattled on about this place on Sunday’s A Week in the Life blog post, yes I am aware. However I couldn’t write this list without including my newest favourite. I get there’s nothing that special about a cinema but this place is so brand new and different that it made what would be an ordinary cinema date night into a really enjoyable experience that made the whole evening better. It shows all the newest film just like the other big cinemas and they have some really good deals on drinks and popcorn including free refills (just saying). What’s also great is the great bunch of chain restaurants attached to it- including a Nando’s coming soon.


Jump Inc

If you want to be a bit more active but you hate the thought of the gym Jump Inc is ideal. It’s been around for a while now but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun, I’ve been a couple of times and let me tell you it’s a workout. Essentially it’s a massive room packed full of trampolines for you to mess around on to your hearts content, I’d recommend going with friends for a really funny experience to see which one of you is most unfit (spoiler- it was me). The best bit however is the fact you can race your friends, I found this the most fun because I’m quite competitive at times and I took great pride in my wins.

Peace Gardens

So half of Sheffield flocks to the Peace Gardens when it’s warm and there’s a reason for that. It’s the perfect patch of grass to lounge about in the sun, if you’ve got kids bring them too as there’s fountains that they can paddle in until the wind changes and they get freezing cold. If you get bored of lying in the sun you can always walk across the square to the Winter Gardens to see some exotic plants for free or the attached Millenium Galleries for a bit of artwork and history.


Peddler Market

This one’s a bit awkward, does it fall under food or places to go? I think both. Basically this night market comes to Kelham Island on the first weekend of every month- so plan accordingly. It’s basically a selection of homemade street food to suit anyone’s taste, they’ve got everything from thin base pizzas, burges, milkshakes, house beers, it’s all there. Not only that but there are also stalls where you can buy loads of handcrafted good like cards, prints, badges and all that kinda stuff.


Fired Arts

This little shop on Ecclesall Road is great for a rainy afternoon spent painting a pot. Me and my friend Amy came here a few weeks ago to give our artistic skills a try- my work did not go well, you can watch the blog here. Th lady who runs this is soooo nice and will serve you tea in a handprinted teapot while you create your own pieces fro mugs to jewellery boxes to ornaments.


To Shop

Vulgar Vintage

This is the place to be if you want to build a substantial scrunchie collection as they seem to replenish it every time I walk past. This vintage shop offers really cute two piece summer outfits, checked shirts and every accessory you could ever need. They also have a pretty decent sale quite often.


Located on Ecclesall Road, this shop is perfect if you’re looking for a gift, but tragic for your bank balance. It is essentially a shop full of cute things that you will want to buy all of. My prints that I have above my bed come from here and I think they brighten up a uni room pretty well.


Cow Vintage

Finally, Cow has a special place in my heart as it was my first introduction to vintage clothes. They have everything you could possibly imagine and more. Located on West Street it’s pretty easy to nip up here between lectures and ‘accidently’ buy a few rework bits. My faves from here include a polka dot bell sleeve shirt and ski style jumper fit for a Chalet.

A Night Out


Okay so not only is this place the best live music venue ever, it also hosts some pretty decent club nights. If you’re into indie music you will have been here, I’m a Leadmill girl through and through, I’ve been going to gigs here since I was about 14, I celebrated my 18th here and now after 2 years of Uni I still love it. It’s cheap and cheerful, the music is great and so are the people and obviously there’s the infamous Photo Booth, I’ve lost count of how many of those pictures I have at home.


Hopefully you enjoyed this little tour round Sheffield if you aren’t from here, or if you are maybe it’s given you somewhere new to check out next time you’re in town. Let me know in the comments where your fave places are in Sheffield or in your own hometown so that I can try them out too!

Meg x



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