5 Times I Failed at Blogging

So at just under 4 months in, I would say I’m getting the hang of this blogging malarky but I am by no means an expert. There are times as any fellow blogger will understand, that I want to tear my hair out over this creative outlet of mine. As much as I love it, I get stressed and there in lies the problem, because this is a stress I put on myself for no reason. This leads me to number 1.

Putting too much pressure on myself

We all do it, in all aspects of life, but this pressure for me manifests itself in my blogging. I am quite a perfectionist anyway so the idea of a sub-par piece of writing going out on the internet for all to see does not sit well with me. It’s taken me that long to actually set up a blog that I don’t want to ‘ruin’ it with sub standard content. I realise as I’m saying this that that is ridiculous, if people are going to read they’re going to read it because a) they know me and are nosy or b) they found me on wordpress and my title or pictures drew them in. If they don’t want to read it they won’t. Also, I, as the author should feel at ease to write whatever I want and not feel pressured for my work to look a certain way or read in a certain style but yet here I am feeling stressed.

My Flatlays are Sh*te

The dreaded flatlay, I’m as guilty as they come for wanting a well spaced, arrangement of all of my favourite things or empty products etc. Some see them as overdone and boring but I think in the right context they can do a lot to draw the reader in to your post and do your fave products some justice. It’s just a personal thing, I prefer blogs with nice photos, I’m a visual person it’s just what catches my eye. You have the perfect picture in your head of what said flatlay will look like….and then, the lighting is wrong, there’s a shadow, the background is ugly. You name it it’s happened. My housemate Amy has come to expect me borrowing her blanket or her bedside table for a simple backdrop, it’s a nightmare.

Example of a poorly executed Ikea flatlay- bad spacing and background.

When Will I Learn to Delete the Captions?

I infuriate myself with this one, you take a lovely photo on instagram or snapchat stories, you write a caption or add a sticker BUT FORGET TO SAVE THE ORIGINAL IMAGE!! The amount of nice photos I have that are basically useless for blog posts is ridiculous, I must try to do better, bad blogger Megan, bad blogger.

I Forgot My Camera

I always used to take my photos on my iPhone, but then the Birthday Fairy came a little early and brought with her a camera. Said camera is perfect, I can see a massive improvement in the quality of the images- when I am actually able to take them. You see this camera fits in my bag, but i being lazy/ paranoid don’t want to lug it round all the time to work, Uni, nipping to the shops etc. However it is on these occasions that I see something I want to photograph, a nice sunset, some cool street art, a coffee that I’ve stopped off for with a friend. Obviously I still have my phone with me which has a pretty decent camera, but still it’s just not the same.

Not Planning

I’ve only got bad for this as I’ve been getting busier with exam prep, usually I have a list of my next few blog posts good to go, general outlines written, photos taken and uploaded and I feel on track. Currently I’m in a phase of ‘omg what shall I blog about today??’ and that is because my whole brain is being occupied by revision at the moment and its blocking out my creative side, hence why this post is coming to you at 9.30pm not am. Hopefully after Friday when I will have completed Second Year of Uni I might start feeling a bit better and a bit more organised, until then please be patient with me!

So those are just 5 reasons, some of them less important than others, as to why I’ve ‘failed’ at blogging. It doesn’t matter though, I’ve learned from my mistakes and just because these things are important to me doesn’t mean they should be for you, that’s why every blog is different. If you’re still here thanks for reading this little ramble.

Meg x



  • Daniela

    I am absolutely rubbish at planning or writing etc. but I know I am no Zoella or Tanya Burr, I do it because I like reading about what other people like and maybe show them some love by liking, following or commenting. I take it as fun not another chore in my life😉

    • weeklymeg

      Same! I just love being nosy and reading what others have to say, so I need to learn that it works the other way and other people jut want to see what I’m up to as well! I can’t wait until Friday and then I feel like I can get back to really enjoying writing again, Thanks for reading x

  • Linda

    Ohhh. Totally feel you Meg.
    The pressure I place on myself can be astronomical. Sometimes to the point where I can stop blogging for days at a time. Not even logging into my Instagram account.

    And haha – I couldn’t agree more re: flat lays! You wouldn’t think so. But how horrendously difficult are they! I’m not sure how people do it!

    But all in all, you are right. We just got to chill and let Blogging come organically. Otherwise, I guess, we will just stop doing it. Fall out of love. xo

    • weeklymeg

      Exactly! I worked myself into a stress today to the point where I didn’t want to blog and then I realised how silly I was being! Thanks for reading, oh and btw I love your blog xx

      • Linda

        Well I am glad you pulled yourself out of that funk! 😜😜 And thank you gorgeous girl! It’s just as well that I adore yours! 😍

  • Bethany

    Thanks for sharing. I’m very new to blogging, and realizing there is so much I do not yet know. Paid for self hosted WordPress and now thinking maybe I should have opted for self hosted to allow more flexibility and creativity. Thoughts?

    • weeklymeg

      To be honest I’m not too sure on that as I run my blog via WordPress not self hosted! I think there’s lots of info on workpress’s website if you google how to x

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