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I Finished 2nd Year!

This year has flown by ridiculously quickly, it feels like yesterday I was moving into my new house and now I’m already thinking about packing for moving out and that’s because I’ve just finished 2nd year of Uni! At this point I’m getting slight palpitations about the fact I am 2/3 of the way through my degree and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life hahaha (that is a nervous laugh).

So today I thought I would talk through some of my favourite things about 2nd year and just what it’s like in general, I touched upon some of this stuff a bit more in my Life at Uni post if you want to read into it a bit more.

Okay so first of all 2nd year means you get to move into a house and out of grimy halls of residence hallelujah! As I’ve mentioned before, this year I live with 2 boys and 2 others girls including my best friend Amy. Choosing who you live with means home life is so much more fun because there is always someone to chat to, do the pots with, cook a meal with so it can be a lot less isolating than halls are. In particular this year I have loved my bedroom, I’m in the attic which is a nice change from my room at home and I just really like the layout of it and it feels like home, I’m very settled at this house and the thought of moving is really really sad.

Best Friend and absolute Uni Bae Amy x
See houses are fun.


Not only do I love my house, I also love Ecclesall Road, now I know this isn’t relevant if you aren’t from Sheffield, but this road is literally jam packed full of quirky places to eat, the Botanical Gardens, street art and amazing charity shops. If you are at Sheffield Hallam or University of Sheffield I would highly recommend trying to get a house on here as there’s so much to do.


Okay so social wise 2nd year is definitely more chilled and relaxed than first, you already have all your friends so you aren’t desperately trying to socialise with as many people as possible. Also I don’t know whether this is the case for everyone but I think I got my going out phase out of my system in first year. This year I am an old lady who prefers to have a chilled night in with a takeaway and a few friends than a mental night out before work the next day. Don’t get me wrong I still love to go out I just have to be in the mood for it, and this year I’ve discovered the many temptations of West Street Live. It’s just that overall this year I’ve prefered to go and have a few drinks in Thor’s Tipi after the Christmas market instead of downing as many shots as I can get my hands on.


Okay lets talk about the workload, 1st years beware, 2nd year is coming to get you. Obviously I’m not going to sit here and say 2nd year is harder than 3rd when you have the stress of a dissertation but omg does the workload increase. I literally don’t even know why because I don’t have any more exams or assignments than I did last year and I’m in Uni even less than I was before but this year I seem to have been swimming in work all the time. Obviously it will differ from course to course but as I do History, this year I have spent so many hours in the library collecting armfuls of books for seminar reading- top tip invest in a tote bag so you don’t have to carry said books in the rain, the library don’t like that. Despite being more difficult I have found uni more interesting this year, I think it’s because you have the basics under your belt so the lecturers don’t have to spend as long teaching you how to do an assignment and rather just give you the content. Also for me anyway, there were some chosen modules this year which meant I had chosen which areas of history I wanted to study. This has made me kind of excited for next year as all 4 of my modules and my dissertation topic I have chosen myself.



Another thing I’ve done this year which I would have never done last year is start volunteering for a few different organisations. As I never joined a society (which I would highly recommend if you already have a hobby or want o take up a new one) I decided this year to put myself out there a bit more. Most uni’s will have a service in place which helps you find work placements or volunteering roles to help you gain, experience which can be put on a CV, confidence and just help you to make a difference. As I mentioned recently in my A Week in the Life: Exams Edition post, I’ve done a one off RSPCA day but I am also about to start a more regular role at a centre that helps young people express themselves via writing. The point being Uni is a great time to do something like this because the majority of students have loads of spare time which many adults simply can’t offer to companies.


Overall I have just loved 2nd year even more than I did 1st. I feel ten times closer to my friends (despite being minus one member of the History Gang *cough Danielle cough*) than I did last year and you just really get int a routine of what works for you, where you like going and what you like doing. That’s all I have to say really I just felt like I had to mark the end of another year because Uni is just passing me by so quickly. Thank you for reading, let me know if you have any thoughts 2nd year at uni or any questions about it in the comments below.

4/6 of next year’s house.

Meg x


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