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Too Much Spare Time?

So now I’ve finished Uni I have a lot of spare time and I mean a lot, so obviously I’ve been doing a lot of things to try and fill that time up as much as I can, so I thought I’d share with you some of the stuff I’ve been up to recently.

First of all I’d just like to apologise for the lack of a blog post on Thursday (It’s the first one I’ve ever missed!) I got a new phone this week which I am very excited about but it did mean I spent ALL DAY Thursday updating and backing it up- I did have a bit of a technology rage. So yeah sorry about that! Not to worry though because one thing I’ve been working on in my extra time is my blog planning so now I feel a bit more on top of what content I’ll be posting over the next few months.


I’ve been doing a spot of volunteering at an ‘Apothecary’/ Writing Centre which I’ve really enjoyed, if you’ve got the time to do it I would highly recommend it because there are loads of great charities/ companies who would really appreciate your help. It gives you a purpose and something to do and it can actually be really fun and you gain experience which can go on your CV!


Next I’ve been listening to Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardener‘s new podcast At Home With…, each week the pair visit a new female guest who is successful in their field. So far they have spoken to Jo Elvin the Editor of UK Glamour and talked everything from women in business to her famous #clothesmyhusbandhates and blogger Kate Johnson (of Kate La Vie) about her beautiful apartment and blogging tips. I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcast so far as it’s nice and relaxed but interesting and the guests are all promised to be inspiring women which I think is pretty cool.



As I’ve had so much time I’ve been reading more , you may have seen some of my recent reads in my last favourites post, but this week I’ve read read Hannah Witton‘s first book Doing It. If you have never watched Hannah on YouTube I suggest you do so as she is hilarious, her channel and her book focus on sex and relationships and it was a really interesting, quick read. I think a lot of people could learn a lot by reading this and it will definitely be appearing in this month’s favourites!


Finally I’ve just been trying to make an effort to see as many friends and family members as I can who I didn’t really see in the run up to finishing Uni. So this week I’ve been out twice with 2 different sets of friends, made tea with my housemate, visited my grandparents and my own and Josh’s family too. I feel like this goes without saying but if you have the time then make sure to go and visit people and if you don’t have the time try to make some.


Let me know what you do when you have a lot of time to kill or just what you like to do when you do have even a little bit of spare time!

Meg x


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