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20 things to do before 20

So no big deal but it’s ma birthday….and I’m no longer a teenager. I can’t. I just don’t get it, how have I been alive for 2 whole decades??? To celebrate my big day (lol jokes 20 is a rubbish birthday because you are neither 18 or 21) I thought I would list 20 things you should attempt to do before you hit 20. So if there are any grown ups reading this sorry, you missed the time frame by a long while, but why not try do some of these things anyway!

I was the pinnacle of 90’s fashion.
  1. Learn to drive- In the UK you can learn to drive from being 17 and I would highly recommend it, I passed my test at 18 and it gives you a freedom you just don’t have when you rely on public transport and lifts from friends and family. Even if you don’t get a car straight away, having a license means that you have more job opportunities available to you.
  2. Go to Uni- I’m not for a minute saying that you have to go to Uni for the sake of it, but if you are undecided or you think getting a degree could help your career but I would highly recommend going! It’s so fun, it’s an experience I won’t forget plus you actually get a qualification out of it too.
  3. Move Out (especially if you go to uni)- If you can afford to move out I would, leaving home has made me learn to do so many thing for myself, it gives you responsibilities you have never had to deal with and it also gives you a chance to live with other people besides your family.
  4. Go on a Girls Holiday- This is somewhat a rite of passage these days. If it’s your cup of tea then a Girls, or lads holiday to the likes of Ibiza, Malia, Kavos etc is a great way to spend your final summer together before going to uni/ graduating/ getting jobs. However if thats not for you, why not go for a nice city break or lounging sun holiday with a couple of your bestie so you have some more amazing memories together.IMG_0470.jpg
  5. Start to Travel as many places as you can- Not all of us have the travel bug, but I do. Start to travel as young as you can, there’s a lot of places to visit and not enough time, and if you travel while you are young you probably won’t have the responsibility that comes with having kids either. Don’t get to 30 having never been further than France or even out of the country, when there are so many amazing sights to see.IMG_2374.jpg
  6. Get a Job- Don’t be that person who doesn’t bother to get a job because your parents pay for everything because it will leave you with no experience when you have to apply for a ‘real’ job as a ‘proper grownup’, also having a job just means you have more income to spend on things you want to buy. I’ve had the same job for years and it’s meant that I can afford to go on holiday and buy new things if I want to.
  7. Try and develop a hobby- This is a new one even for me, I went swimming when I was younger for years but eventually stopped, since then my only hobby has been reading. This year my hobby has become blogging and I love it! A hobby gives you something to do in your spare time or if you’re bored and it also gives you something to talk about when you meet new people. This can be sports, blogging, YouTube, something crafty.
  8. Vote either in local or general elections- People died for the right to vote. If you don’t follow politics, use the election as a time to brush up on some basic manifestos. If you don’t vote you have no right to complain about any decisions the government make that could affect you.
  9. Go to a Festival or 3- There is literally nothing more fun than being stood in a field i the pissing rain, covered in mud, with your best mates listening to your favourite band. If you’re into music get to a festival in your teens while you can still get the time of work and you don’t think theres anything wrong with not showering for 5 days. If anyone would like to see a What to Pack for a Festival Post comment below- I am experienced after 5 festivals now.

    Nothing says British Summertime like a couple of rain poncho’s.
  10. Get in shit loads of debt- thanks to uni- There’s no sugar coating this but it’s worth it.
  11. Get your foundation colour matched- its 2017 no one wants an orange face- Not to sound like your nan but I do not have the time for people who think it’s okay to wear “Deep Beige’ Foundation when we all know you’re an ‘Ivory’. Trust me you will look more put together and natural if you jut get your base shade right. No7 actually offer a service when you can get your skin matched by a machine which reads your skin tone and tells you your perfect foundation colour and then the consultant can go from there on advising which finish you prefer. Not only can they match foundation but also concealer, blush and lip products. So if you find your lipstick always washes you out then pop and ask them to match your ideal tone.
  12. Listen to your mother, you will slowly turn into her- I am slowly accumulating a collection of spare cards for any occasion, a deep rage when I see someone littering and my handbag contains anything you could ever need.IMG_1139.jpg
  13. Meet and speak to as many new people as you can-introducing yourself to new people at work/ uni/ parties is a great way to meet new people that might end up being your new best mate.
  14. Try and learn at least some of a new language- In England we are very lucky we speak the international language but it also makes us ignorant to other languages and expect everybody to understand us. If you’re going away on a trip or just want learn to speak to a friend in their own language why not ry and learn a few basic phrases or take a full course to learn more. I know a reasonable amount of German and could get by as a tourist or in an emergency because in school I took the time to pay attention and learn how to get my basic point across.
  15. Volunteer your time to a charity- I mentioned this in a recent post but like I said if you have spare time its a great time filler and your help is often invaluable.
  16. Learn some basic life skill e.g.. How to iron a shirt, check out tyre pressure- Uni helps with this one but eventually when you enter the world of work and housing you will need to know these things.
  17. Drink so much you nearly die and then never drink that much ever again- By doing something so stupid you will effectively teach yourself your own limits so you don’t ever suffer a hangover like it again.

    I once spent 24 hours totally unaware that these cocktail umbrella’s were in my hair.
  18. Okay so I kind of copped out and could only think of 17 instead of 20 but I didn’t want to say things just for the sake of it. I’ll leave the remaining 3 pieces of advise to you lot if you want to contribute.

I hope some of you enjoyed reading this even if I did trick you into thinking I was brainy enough to think up 20 things at the beginning.

Meg x


  • lifeofangela

    I have done quite a few of these things, but not all, and I’m 25!! This was a good list though, I really agree with getting a job and license, get those things done as early as you can! Especially the job, cause everyone goes on and on about experience. Go for one as soon as you can!!

  • Hannah

    Happy birthday! πŸ™‚ I think I’ve done about 70% of those things. Definitely agree with the job thing. I had a job last year, OK it was terribly paid, but it was great to have money to spend that I knew I’d earned myself! πŸ˜€ Plus having a driving licence is good, I think my parents always say that paying for me and my brother to learn to drive for our 17th birthdays was the best thing they ever did, not just for us, but because they no longer had to be the taxi service!

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