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New Year’s Resolutions- 6 Months On

Wow- it’s June. Somehow 6 months have passed us by since we were all singing Auld Lang Syne and proclaiming our New Year’s Resolutions to the world. Some of you may have vowed to make it to the gym 3 times a week, others to graduate uni or pass A- Level exams. Whatever they may have been, I thought I would use today as a gentle reminder to stick with what you started in your drunken moment of madness.

I think one of the best things to do is to think of them habits rather than resolutions, make them something you constantly work towards and fit into a daily or weekly routine rather than a fad that you only stick to for the first 3 weeks of the year. If you don’t stick with what you’ve set out to do think about why that is? Is your target genuinely unachievable for you? Or are you not doing enough or making enough time to make it happen? For example one of my main goals for the year and in fact from now on is to drink more water to keep hydrated, feel more alert and to improve my skin. For the first few months I was really good, carrying my water bottle everywhere with me, yet now I think about it, as the weather has got hotter I’ve actually been slacking. So now I’m going to put my bottle in my bag now to remind myself to refill it everyday to make sure I get back on track, I could even try tracking my daily water intake on an app or in my diary. Here The goal isn’t unachievable I’ve just been lazy, it’s not as if I’ve set myself the target of drinking 10 litres of water a day for the whole year. This is a really simple and easy example but the same thought process can be applied to any resolution or personal target. I’m now going to make an effort to take a cup of tea and bottle of water to my desk  whenever I am blogging to keep myself hydrated as well as taking my water bottle on the go.


My next goal and the most achievable was to be nicer to people and about other people. I decided what other people do is none of my business and to just to have a more positive outlook on life. So far I feel like I’ve been doing reasonably well at this, I’ve been trying not to join in too much with bitching- but we can all always improve on that. I feel less angry or upset by things I see or hear about others and it leaves more space for feeling happy and enjoying the little things in life rather than worrying about what so and so has said about so and so. If I’ve been feeling stressed or struggling to sleep I’ve been using the Calm app to do some guided meditation and breathing which I think has also contributed to me feeling less uptight and stressed. This is slightly off topic but if you struggle to sleep I would highly recommend this app as they offer ‘sleep stories’ which are stories read to you at a slow pace with soothing music and they just help you drift off to sleep. There is a free version or you can pay for the full version if you want to but I’ve got on fine with the free download.

Next up I wanted to try and eat more healthily, I’ll be the first to hold my hand up I’m either great or shit at this. My problem is I’m lazy and because I’m at Uni my time is split between being at my house and my boyfriends house depending on where we each need to be the next morning. This means I find it difficult to do a weekly shop as it’s hard to plan what meals you will be eating where- and you try fitting a full shop into a fridge you share with 4 other people. When I eat well I cook homemade meals like Chickpea Curry, Fajitas, Steak, Curry either from my own recipe or some cook books. However when I’m tired, hot of time or cant be bothered to go to the shop I end up eating packets of rice, cereal, huge portions of pasta or takeaways. It’s about balance. I recently picked up a meal planner to help plot out what meals I will be eating each week in the hope that it will force me to eat a more consistent diet, because the thing is I really really like eating healthy, it makes me feel good when I eat it, I’m just lazy. So this is me giving myself a kick up the backside to stick to the healthy habit, and if this is your goal as well, this can also be your reminder form me.


My final target for this year was to read more books, I love reading and always have but as I’ve got older I’ve had less time to read for myself when there have been things like Seminar reading to do first. This year I set myself the goodreads target of reading 25 books which I think is achievable when you consider there are 52 weeks in year and I’m a pretty fast reader. So far I have read 12 books which isn’t too bad because I tend to binge read over Summer when I’m on holiday and off uni. So this seems to be the only resolution I’m actually sticking to properly, ooops.



So there you go, a little honest 6 month update about how well or not so well I’m getting on. What were your new years resolutions and have you stuck to them so far? If not how could you try and get back on track for the second half of 2017?

Meg x


    • weeklymeg

      It’s such a hard one to stick to but worth it in the end! I tend to read in bulk and then not read for weeks at a time so I suppose there’s no right amount! Xx

  • justhannahhere

    I agree so much with the first paragraph about making it a habit to ensure it sticks. It’s so easy to say you are going to do something and then never actually carry it out. Good luck on carrying on with your resolutions for the remainder of the year! Have u read Girlboss yet? What did u think of it? And the book underneath it (the closet one)? Trying to find more books to read other than fiction x

    • weeklymeg

      Yes it’s hard work but it’s worth it in the end if you stick to it! Yeah I finished Girlboss and really really enjoyed it she’s very funny and it does inspire you to get your shit together so would deffo recommend! The curated closet is next on my to read list so I’ll try include my thoughts in a post once I’ve finished it but I’ve heard all good reviews! X

  • Ella May Garrett

    I really want to read Doing It! and Girl Boss. They are on my list after I get through my already extensive amount of books I need to read! I loved this post, great idea! Would love to see some mini book reviews too xxx

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