I Want a Curated Closet!

Okay so over the past few weeks I’ve been culling my wardrobe, selling some items on depop and generally just clearing out my things ready to move house (I promise I will eventually stop going on about it). Despite having an earlier clearout, I felt like my wardrobe still needed some work, there were items I didn’t wear or had yet again outgrown so I decided to have another purge.

Now that I finally have a wardrobe of things that I actually wear, I want to go one step better, I want to delve into having a capsule wardrobe. Now, a capsule wardrobe is basically a constantly rotating wardrobe, where you swap and change items seasonally, usually storing off season items outside of your wardrobe. Some people have a small number of around 40 items including shoes and coats, whilst others don’t limit themselves to a number, the one rule is that all of your items need to work well with each other to make up many outfits that suit your personal style. For a start 40 items is never going to happen for me, I’ve cut down my clothes a lot but it will never be that low I’m afraid, but thats okay, just find an amount that works for you. I like the idea of this wardrobe because in theory you should never feel overwhelmed with a mass of clothes but ‘have nothing to wear’ as every item in your wardrobe should fit nicely into a few outfit options.

Clearly I like Denim and Crepe sparkly things!

One of the main things to remember when attempting to create a capsule wardrobe is to refrain from shopping. As the seasons change it is okay to allow yourself to buy new essentials that you will get good wear out of. As you enter into summer, it’s okay to purchase new camisoles if you are really lacking in them but don’t go buying 3 new pairs of sandals, 4 pairs of jeans and the latest on trend pieces and 4 jumpers just for the sake of it. In the in-between months, it’s best not to shop for clothes or go to shopping centres ORRR browse asos unless you have to, i.e. you rip your jeans and really need a replacement.

I’ve recently read The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees, which by the way, you should all read. She spells out some really simple ways to work out what your personal style is and how to weigh up what your lifestyle is and what clothes it requires, compared to what clothes you actually own. I’ve realised that my main colour palette is monochrome, grey, blue, green and a rusty orange, the idea is to match new items to the existing palette of your wardrobe so that the piece is versatile. I also know which brands, prints and silhouettes I like based on looking at my most worn pieces (spoiler- I love denim). I’ve weighed up my lifestyle and at the moment I don’t need too much formal wear as I’m at Uni and my job has a uniform so I don’t need office wear, but I do need plenty of more casual items for running errands, going to uni and volunteering in. After reading this book I feel like I can start creating a capsule wardrobe, where I will be conscious of any new purchases and how they will fit with the clothes I already wear an f I actually need them for the lifestyle I need.


Since I will soon be moving house I think it will be a good time to reorganise as I can find new storage space for off -season items whilst also allowing me to look once again at all of my clothes and how I feel about them. Now here in the UK, the weather, especially in the North, is a nightmare, it could be bright sunshine and then thunderstorm in the same day, so the thought of packing away all of my knitwear until autumn is a bit daunting. So I think the best approach is to pack most away whilst keeping a couple of lightweight jumper options to hand just incase the weather does turn cooler over summer. In cases of real fashion emergencies I can always poke about under the bed to grab my thickest jumper (I’m hoping I don’t have to do that). Obviously I’m a bit late changing over with the summer weather but better late than never and it’s probably in the first summer and winter where the most items will need to be purchased and the most reorganising will need to be done.

Writing this blog post in one of my fave outfits!

Here are a couple of handy resources if you want a bit more inspo or information;

The Anna Edit (my ultimate inspo)

Casually Matthew (For the boys- you can do it too!)

The Lively Show (Podcast to kick your arse into gear)

I’ll have to see how I get on with this new format once I’ve got it full organised, if any of you have a capsule wardrobe or even just a more curated selection of clothes please let me know if you have any tips or ideas!

Meg x



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