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Just a short one today but I’ve been far too busy enjoying this glorious weather, along with the rest of Britain, to be sat inside typing away. Instead I thought I’d give you an insight into why I love relaxing outside as well as a few photos of what I’ve been up too recently.

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So as someone who likes their own company, but is also crawling the walls if left inside alone for more than one day, I have learned the importance of getting outside. Especially at this time of year when the weather can be so nice it’s so important to get outside on lunch breaks, days off, or on free evenings. Not only does it give you fresh air, it also gets me out of creative ruts, often helps clear my headaches and is a good way of getting some exercise by doing a bit of walking.



Over the past weeks particularly, I’ve donned the sunglasses and headed out for wanders into town or to The Botanical Gardens (the best place in Sheffield). It’s a great place for days off as you can go on your own if your friends and loved ones are at work, as most other people there are alone. I’ve enjoyed taking a blanket and a book and just relaxing for a couple of hours laid on the grass. I’ve listened to podcasts, planned many a blogpost and read my book and it’s been lovely. I think it’s important to enjoy your own company sometimes. However I have also headed the 50 yards across the road to the gardens with my friends, if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that me, Amy and Caitlin enjoyed a picnic in the sun a couple of days ago which I really enjoyed. It just wouldn’t have been the same if we hadn’t been laid with no shoes on, picking at the grass, it’s easy to organise and a completely free way of catching up with friends and potentially occupying a whole day!




What’s your favourite thing to do when the weather is nice? Or favourite place to go?

Meg x





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