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Okay so I’m pretty certain this is going to be the busiest 2 weeks of my entire life. As I sit here frantically typing this post, after realising I forgot to write and schedule it yesterday, I am surrounded by boxes and bags containing my whole life. Yes today, in about an hours time I am moving all my stuff home ready to move into my new house at the weekend. Whilst that is happening, tomorrow morning I’m heading down to London for a night, to then return in time to move, oh and attend a wedding- lovely, no stress at all….

So the plans for London are simple, I’m heading down there with my friend Sally, we plan to do a spot of shopping (How can we not?) and obviously lunching and then, most exciting of all, we’re going to see Adele! Squeals! I am so excited, I actually don’t think I’m emotionally ready for it, I’m probably going to cry, I’ve packed my waterproof mascara. I mean the tickets came and even they were exciting and fancy so the giddiness is real.


We also went to London last year around this time so it seems to be becoming an annual thing, which I am totally okay with, hello Oxford Street. What I love about London is that everything is just that little bit different and better than here in Sheffield. The shops are larger, there are more unique coffee shops and places for food and it sounds silly but I love people watching in London. This is mostly because I get outfit envy, I just find the people of London more adventurous with their fashion so it gives me lots of inspo to be a bit braver with my outfit choices.


We probably won’t be doing a lot of sight seeing as me and Sal did that last year and I’ve also seen it all before on family trips in the past. I’m hoping to have a wander and find somewhere a bit different to eat or get a smoothie or take some cool photos! If anyone has any recommendations please let me know- especially anything around the Covent Garden area!

Here are some photos from last years trip!


Meg x


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