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Why I started Blogging

Today I thought I’d talk about why I started blogging nearly 6 months ago! I’d like to start by saying those months have flown by since I started and, would it be bad to say I’m pretty proud of myself for even having the balls to start it up in the first place?

I have been an avid reader of blogs from my early teens, beauty blogs, travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, you name it I’ve read it. I love blogs that provide nerdy printouts for organising your life, blogs that document travelling to various destinations and what to see when you’re there, blogs that give reviews on the latest ‘Holy Grail’ foundation to save you money when it turns out to be shit. Basically I’m a blog kinda gal, then Youtube happened and I was into that too, I dread to think how many hours I have spent over the last 7 years or so, watching my favourite Youtuber’s vlogging days out, holidays, haul videos, conscious consumer videos- again I’ve watched it all. I don’t know exactly at what point I started to think I wanted to do this but I remember just realising one day I really really wanted to. I’ve also always been pretty good at English and my writing has been up to scratch my whole academic life, right up to now whilst I’m in Uni. My point being I stopped thinking I wanted to do this blogging malarky and started thinking that maybe, just maybe I could. Due to my job, people were always asking me for beauty recommendations as I’m usually quite clued up on the new releases. Then I realised, as I’ve got older I’ve gone on quite a few more holidays and trips and I would love to document those to be useful to others and to look back on over the years (Internally curses self for not blogging last summer when I went on 3 holidays and a trip to London).


The final straw that pushed me over the line and made me set up my blog one cold January evening was me and my housemate Amy giving each other a motivational pep talk. See whilst I was itching to start a blog (but also too nervous of being laughed at), Amy wanted to start a Youtube Channel to post weekly vlogs. Long story short, we gave each other a kick up the backside, deciding if we didn’t start now while we’re at uni we never would and the next day Amy whipped out her camera and I got typing. Also since stopping swimming at around 13 I have never really had a hobby since, unless you count reading. Now I can firmly say blogging is my hobby, something I’m passionate about, haven’t got bored of and I genuinely don’t know how I used to spend my spare time before I spent hours writing and taking photos (or making Josh take photos) of the most random items for my blog.


I’d also just like to say everyone has been overwhelmingly supportive of me, my main worry before starting this blog was that people wouldn’t read it or they would basically take the piss. Then I realised I actually don’t give a sh*t if anyone else likes it, I write these posts for me and if people want to read them then thats’s great, but if they aren’t keen, that’s also okay. I’ve been brave enough to set up a blog Facebook and instagram, received blogger mail and grown my confidence in interacting with others a ridiculous amount, I’ve even participated in a bit (a lot) of shameless self-promo to my family and friends who are probably sick of seeing it!



I’d love to know how and why some of you started blogging, please let me know in the comments below or you could even write a post of your own to share your own blogging journey. I’m well aware my blog is young at just 6 months, but it is something I hope to continue to grow and put effort into for a long time! Thanks for reading and all your lovely comments and support! Also don’t forget to check out Amy’s Youtube!

Meg x



  • Veronika J

    Honestly I’m so glad you started blogging, I love your blog! Found it a couple of days ago when I went “new-blogs-to-read hunting” and I’ve read so many of your posts – there are so many interesting posts here! 🙂
    I personally started blogging year and a half ago but I haven’t been able to do it regularly because stuff always came in the way (exams, moving to a different country, starting uni, then exams again…) – but I love it. I don’t even remember what made me start this blog – I just did. I guess I’ve been blogging all my life (though the blogs were much sh*ttier and in Czech, haha) but I was never able to actually stick to it. I’m really trying right now though, I’ve started planning my posts and writing ideas now so hopefully this time it will work out (hundredth time’s the charm, right?). 🙂 I’ve also always wanted to start youtube (I could never decide between blogging and vlogging haha) and I’ve actually managed to film a video – which makes me so happy! Now I just have to edit it, put it online and try to juggle my blog, youtube channel, part-time job and unviersity – good luck to me! If you have any tips on how to stay motivated (because you clearly are, you post quite regularly), I’d really appreciate them! 🙂
    Great post x

    • weeklymeg

      Thanks so much! Well done on starting again and sticking to it and for taking the leap to start YouTube! My biggest tip would be to plan and not to bite off more than you can chew, even if it’s only viable for you to post one blog and one video a week that’s okay! I write down all my upcoming content, try to plan out time that I will write it in my diary and if it really isn’t happening don’t beat yourself up about it- this fortnight my posting has been all over the place but I’ve been moving house and on holiday that’s just life hahaha! I’d also suggest pre-scheduling when you come up with an idea, if you feel really inspired by something, write the post there and then (if you can) and then perhaps schedule for a week where you know you will be too busy to do much writing! Thanks again for reading! Xx

        • weeklymeg

          No problem! I started to find it a lot easier when I began doing this, literally write it in your diary as if it was an appointment with yourself hahaha x

  • Himadri Negi

    I love this post Amy! I started my blog cause I wanted to document my travel stories – for myself. There have been so many places I have been to in the years gone by, however, I realised that I fail to recall the names of the markets or the cafes or the food I savored when I describe it to my friends – That’s when I knew, that I should start writing about it, so I don’t forget the details 🙂

    Also, it serves a great deal to the readers. Welcome to the blogging world – even I am pretty new here. Keep writing!

  • Sarah J Callen

    I started blogging as a journal of sorts, just posting when I felt like it. But recently, in the past few years, I’ve come to learn that I really enjoy the practice of writing short blogs that encourage others. I figure that my experiences and life lessons aren’t meant to be kept to just me.

    Thanks for sharing about your start! Your blog looks great – keep it up!!!

  • lifeofangela

    Thanks for sharing Meg!! I started a blog for similar reasons, I loved reading others, as well as watching all the YouTube vlogs out there! I wanted to document my own travels and thoughts, and while at first I shared it just for me, I was open to the idea of others coming by and discovering it too! Good on you and Amy for giving each other that push (or kick 😂) to starting your passion 😀

    • weeklymeg

      I think that’s the best thing about blogging to be able to look back on posts in time to remember what you’ve been doing! Yes it was exactly what we needed hahha x

  • TheFallibleQueen

    I’ve had this blog for two years but I neglected it for about a year. One of the main reasons I started blogging again was I got inspired by my friend, who was representing a fashion blog. I consider myself to be relatively new to blogging still but the blogging community has been really helpful and kind.

  • Abby Strangward

    I’ve had my blog for nearly 8 months now and I resonated so much with the line ‘I don’t know what I used to do with my free time’!! I’m so in love with it, I can’t imagine life without it!

  • Jemma Love

    I love this! I really relate to this post. I wanted to into the blogging community for months, if not years, but never had the confidence for the fear that people I know would find out and take the sheer piss! I’ve only just got set up in got into it but I’m already hooked! Thank you for the post, it’s nice to see that I wasn’t the only one that felt like this! X

      • Jemma Love

        Absolutely! People can be so cruel sometimes and love to poke fun! I still haven’t told friends etc (which is still because they’d probably be really supportive) but I’m not not telling people it that makes sense! 😂 x

  • Jirah Merizz

    Love this post!! I am SO much into Youtube too but I still feel scared about posting videos online. I started a blog because Zoella inspired me to and I am just so inlove with writing. 💗 Nice to know why you started your blog!

  • justahomesickgypsy

    Oh wow! How I can relate to this post, I’ve been researching, and asking opinions of like practically everyone I meet “Hey I’m thinking about starting a blog what do you thing?” I got a lot of positive feedback and only a few concerns. I had pretty much decided to do it, I even have some post typed up! But jumping off that ledge was hard! Like you said “what if no one likes my posts” and then I try to remember there are 7 billion people in the world! Someone some where is bound to like it! Even if it is just my sisters!

  • mphadventuregirl

    I never thought I would be a blogger. I never really read blogs before I started my blog in the first place. Friends and family kept on saying start a blog and I did not want to start my blog. But after they convinced me, I started my blog December 2015 and I was hooked right away

      • mphadventuregirl

        I did not find success on my blog right away, but still blogged anyway because I was enjoying doing it. Now I have a growing successful blog. This blog does help me deal with the stresses of everyday life and because I am still a college student, it helps me destress from the toughness of college. I love the blogging community

        • weeklymeg

          I was the same I felt like I was writing for nobody to read it but I still enjoyed expressing my thoughts! I wish I had started my blog earlier as a way to unwind! I’m really glad you have found so much happiness in blogging!

  • harrietsteinfeldt

    I can relate so much to this! I was so nervous and hesitant to begin but I finally caved after convincing myself that you can’t let the fear of what other people think to hold you back. I’m a very new blogger but this definitely gives me the motivation to carry on, and some hope if anything! Support/motivation from my friends has made a massive difference to me too. Love your blog x

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