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Today I wanted to do a more fashion based post, as you might have picked up on in my curated closet post, I’m really interested in having a streamlined wardrobe full of things I love and will get a to of wear out of, and which work together really nicely. I thought that I would show a selection of key pieces and styles that I have been wearing quite a lot so far this summer. You may recognise a few of these pieces from my recent Budapest  and Budapest Haul posts, but that’s only proves I love them and can’t stop wearing them.

The Jacket

Here in the UK the weather is very unpredictable, even in Summer but I’ve been very optimistic and most days have just headed out in my trust Denim Jacket. It goes with everything, its lightweight, but keeps the wind off in the evenings and you can even risk it in a double denim combo. To me this was a solid purchase as I know it will never go out of fashion.

The Jumpsuit

I have a few jumpsuits and no matter what the cut or pattern they can be dressed up or down, throw on a pair of heels? You’ve got yourself a night out outfit. Chuck on some Converse and a Denim Jacket? Perfect for knocking about in during the day. I have a couple of full length and a couple with culotte legs, which are perfect for summer as they are more breathable when it’s really hot.




See what I mean about the weather, I started the day just in a Jumpsuit and moved onto layering a jumper over the top.

The Tea/ Wrap Dress

This is a new category for this summer, I’ve never been a supper girly girl, but this summer I have been loving the ditsy patterns and floaty shape of tea-style/ wrap dresses- of the floral or spotty variety. I’m trying very hard not to buy any more clothes until Autumn after my Budapest/ London Haul but it is so damn difficult when there are so many of these nice dresses in the shops right now! I wore the Pink Topshop one to Amy’s Dad’s wedding recently, so they can be dressed up for a more special occasion. So technically I’ve cheated because the other 2 photographed are actually playsuits- even better in my opinion. You get the same gorgeous style without the risk of flashing your knickers to the whole street if there’s a breeze. I’ve been loving teeming them with converse or some small heels in an evening/ for an event.





The Striped T-Shirt

The first item of clothing I ever remember choosing for myself was disgusting. I was about 7, it was turquoise and black stripes, 3/4 sleeves and it was on a shelf that high up in Sports and Soccer we had to get a very tall man to get it down for me. This is where the stripe obsession began. Ever since I have loved stripes, they have always featured in my wardrobe and I feel like they always will because they are so easy to wear. My favourite way is in a simple t-shirt, not much going on but a very classic, dependable wardrobe basic. They can be tucked in, worn with skirts, short, jeans, under dresses and dungarees. They are oh so versatile and I love it. My most recent addition is a red Brandy and Melville round neck top- a bit more summer-friendly than my usual black and white uniform.



The Slogan T-Shirt

If this doesn’t say 2017 I don’t know what does. I am a fan of the slogan T-Shirt, give me a mild feminist one, even better. I have 3, 2 are from Topshop “Females of the Future” and “Babes Unite”, the other from Boohoo “Girl Gang” – Love it. Like their striped cousin, these t-shirts are very easy to wear as they are a classic shape and are otherwise plain aside from the text. I’ve been enjoying tucking them into culottes or skirts in the warmer months.

Cheeky preview of the next item.
Excuse the wrinkles, I must iron.



Which brings me nicely onto my next category. Culottes. I used to wear them as Uniform in Primary School way back in 2005, then out of fashion they went. Oh how times have changed. No longer is the culotte banished to the playground, now it is everywhere, in every shop, on every girl and I couldn’t be happier. As someone who has a bit of an issue removing myself from my favourite pair of jeans it’s nice to be offered a good trouser alternative. They can be lightweight, easy to wear and comfortable. I now have 4 pairs, 2 black, 2 stripes, all different.



The Blue Skirt/Short

The other bottoms alternative is the a good old denim/skirt or shorts. Like the Jacket, they go with everything and are nice and casual and very easy to wear. This summer’s addition is a Mango Ruffled skirt which is a thin pale blue and white stripe so is a more lightweight alternative but runs within the same colour palette and outfit style.






Onto the final category, obviously you can wear whatever shoes you want, whenever you want but here are my top 4 summery pairs. Mules have been huge this summer and I really like them but I know that for me, clumsy with skinny feet, they are just not practical, so I got myself a slingback pair so they can’t fall off my feet. Add a spot of embroidery, voila, I was sold. Next my converse, I have had multiple pairs, in varying colours over the years, I went through a low rise phase, now I like the higher cut style. I have mine in Black and White so between both pairs they go with everything. They are so comfy and perfect for holidays and long summer days out so your feet don’t hurt. No onto the heels, this is my only pair of shoes like this. I wore them with the wrap dress to the recent wedding and they were so comfy. They have a low heel and were actually from the kids section of New Look so were an absolute bargain. Finally the strappy sandal, it comes in many forms but this lace up pair are also very comfy and add a touch of detail to what can be an otherwise boring outfit.








Finally, all done, let me know what you think to this kind of post, would you be interested in this kind of thing seasonally? Let me know in the comments below!

Thankyou for reading,

Meg x



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