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How to Tackle Problem Skin

Now I’m very lucky in that I’ve always had pretty alright skin, it’s pretty normal/ dry so I’ve never suffered with acne or other skin problems. Now I don’t know if that is just down to being lucky in the old gene department or if I help my skin with how I look after it- who knows. Anyway, today I thought I would share a few tips and products that seem to prevent bad breakouts/ reduce them if they occasionally do happen.

So having good skin, often goes hand in hand with having a good skincare regime, you only get one face so I think you should look after it. Firstly find a routine that works for you, just because all the other bloggers or your friends are raving about a product doesn’t mean you have to love it. I swear by Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I know a couple of people who had an allergic reaction to it. My advice would be, once you find something you love, stick to it, at least during times where your skin is playing up.

Now spots can be caused for so many reasons such as Hormones however beauty products can be equally as guilty at causing break outs- if you find these products, avoid them. For example, I know from experience not to fake tan my face (on the rare occasions I actually tan) because every time I have, I’ve woken up with a constellation of spots on my cheeks- most recently the morning of a wedding. There’s obviously just something about tanning products my face doesn’t like, so I have come to terms with the fact that I’m just gonna have to bronze up my face if I tan, end of.

If my skin is feeling clogged, e.g. If the weather is hot and I’ve been wearing a lot of thick suncream or something like that, I like to use a face mask, I tend to like detox/ glow masks which draw out all the rubbish from your skin and leave it looking glowy. At the moment I have 3 and they are all equally as good, Lush  Mask of Magnaminty and The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (what a mouthful) are pretty similar in that they are thick, rough in texture (so can double as a scrub) and they are minty so leave your skin feeling tingly and super clean after use. The Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask is more of a clay mask which sets a lot smoother but really helps to draw any nasties up. I Like to use a mask if I know I have nowhere to be and just want a lazy couple of days because these really do work, I can guarantee after using these, a monster of a spot will appear a few hours later- at least it proves they work.


More recently I have discovered a product which I feel may reach Holy Grail Skincare status for me, whilst I was picking up a new Burt’s Bees Cleanser last week, I realised there was a pretty decent free gift if I spent £15 so I decided to pick up the Burt’s Bees Anti Blemish Solution as I don’t have any other products like this. Well I’m so glad I picked it up, now I say I don’t get many spots, which is true, it’s just that when I do they are monsters, they can’t be ignored, no amount of concealer can hide them and they are usually in really obvious places like on my chin or between my eyebrows, lovely. Well no sooner had I bought this, then a huge spot decided to lurk under the skin on my chin, a spot so big it was hurting me to talk before it had even broken through the skin. I deployed my new skin miracle and within hours the spot had subsided and was no longer painful! The best thing about this little bottle is that you can apply it up to 3 times a day to really zap a blemish so it works very quickly, amazing! So if I had one product recommendation for you this whole post it would be this!!


So we’ve talked about skin care, now onto makeup, firstly it is important to have no makeup days to let your skin have a breather, rather than being constantly blocked with primer and foundation. Secondly, the way you remove your makeup could be having a massive impact on your skin. A part of me dies inside when people tell me they use wipes to remove their makeup, it is so so so so so so so so bad for your skin. The best way is to use a cleanser and a flannel/ muslin cloth to wipe off any makeup and leave your skin feeling nice and soft. Which cleanser you choose is totally up to you, it could be a water, a balm, a cream or an oil but for goodness sake, step away from the damn wipes. It can take up to 5 wipes to actually remove every scrap of makeup from your face, which no-one ever uses, meaning there is still so much makeup residue left on your face after you think you’re done removing it. If you do use a cleanser already, congratulations btw, make sure to regularly wash your cloths/flannels to keep your skin clear.


Another way to reduce the risk of bad skin is the clean your makeup brushes on the regular, we all hate doing it, it’s a chore but it needs doing and it could be the cause of problem skin if you don’t do it. If you think about it, if you do have a blemish, your makeup brushes and sponge are going to touch it, while you desperately try to conceal it, then they will sit there waiting to be used again, harbouring all that bacteria and then spread it all over your face. Another way to prevent spots from spreading could be to change your pillow cases often, especially after a breakout as all the dead skin and oils build up on them as we sleep.


If your skin is really bothering you, you could speak to somebody about it. Depending on the severity of your problems you could speak to your GP to see if there is a cream or pill you could take. Or if you are just having a problem getting to grips with what products your skin likes, pop into stores with beauty counters and ask. Brands like No7 and Origins have a great skincare knowledge and will be happy to advise you, or pop over to the skincare aisles in Boots or Superdrug, Consultants there will be all too happy to offer you help and help you choose the right skincare regime for you.

So there are a few of my top skincare tips/ nags for you all. Hopefully this was useful or even just nudged you towards finalllyyyy cleaning your brushes. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips or woder products you swear by!

Meg x



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