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So today I’d planned to do a week in the life post, which I really enjoy writing and people seem to enjoy reading, however I’ve been so busy working over the past couple of weeks that I realise it would be a bit of a boring, repetitive post. So I decided I’d just kind of word vomit all the things of any interest that I’ve been doing and hope that some of you want to read it.

So firstly, I got to see Danielle (& Ines) the other day, they have both just returned from Prague- remember my blog post about it at the start of the year? Anyway I was super super excited to see her, we only got to spend an evening together in the house but I really enjoyed just being able to catch up with both of the girls and it was just a lovely chilled evening.

Next, I’ve decided to start the Couch to 5K program, the idea is that you can go from being a total couch potato to realistically be able to run a 5K in 9 weeks. Now anyone that knows me, knows I’m no gym bunny, so I’ll be interested to see whether I can stick to this. I’m not doing this to tone up or anything like that, I just want to get stronger and increase my stamina so I don’t get out of breath walking up the stairs. The best thing about the app is that you can choose a mentor to time your running and urge you on and mine is Sarah Millican. You complete 3 runs a week and each week they alternate in lengths and progressively become more difficult as you get fitter. Let me know if you have tried this challenge and how you are getting on.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that’s happened recently is that myself and Josh have booked a trip to Barcelona for October and I’m so excited! Neither of us have ever visited the city before so we are open to recommendations and suggestions of things to do and places to eat. The trip which will coincide with our anniversary, will mean a nice few days away for us before the mad christmas rush working in retail and it will also be my last Saturday off work until the end of March *internally screaming*. So yeah please hit me up with recommendations because I’m all ears.

I’m so excited I’ve already downloaded the city guide to my phone.

Okay so this film will definitely be cropping up in my August favourites, but the other day me and Josh had a nice date night. Firstly we went to Zizzis, where I had my favourite- boring but yummy- Spaghetti Pomodoro with Mozzarella, then we moved onto the Light Cinema, where we saw Dunkirk. I think this is the best film I’ve seen all year (Maybe apart from Beauty and the Beast) and I would highly suggest going to see it. The way it is shot is so clever and it doesn’t seem like a glorified war film, more a real life account. It was nice to have a chilled night with good food, a good film and good company. I also got to wear my new fave BDG AXYL jeans out- Credit to Josh for being a good blogger boyfriend and trying to take me a nice outfit photo despite the horrific 9pm lighting. These are hands down the comfiest jeans I own, PERFECT for going for a meal as they aren’t too tight, I’m already eyeing up the Black and darker wash blue denim…



Could this lighting BE any worse?????

Another things that I have been enjoying doing while eI haven’t been working has been cooking from scratch, in the last couple of days I’ve made myself a Stir Fry and a Chilli. I find cooking for myself very therapeutic, even if it does mean lots of washing up.


Besides these few things and working near enough full time I’ve just basically been getting my shiz together, doing boring things like tidying, cleaning, cleaning my makeup brushes and all that jazz- like I said, a Week in the Life post would have been beyond boring.

Hopefully this little update hasn’t been too dry for you. Let me know if you have any thoughts in the comments below!

Meg x


  • lifeofangela

    Barcelona sounds awesome!! Definitely something to look forward to as you’re stuck at work. I’m interested by thay Couch to 5k app. Ive never heard of it but i may look it up when i get home 😄

  • Hannah

    I’m going to Barcelona in September!! I also tried the couch to 5k program and got stuck in around week 4. I repeated it for about 4 weeks before giving up oops.

  • Veronika J

    I completely agree with you about how good Dunkirk was! Tbh I don’t usually like war films but this one I loved, it felt so raw and real yet somehow a bit poetic which I found really interesting. Definitely recommending it to my friends!
    And good luck with Couch to 5k. Not long ago I started running with Zombies, run! and so far I love this app soooo much. Let’s see if we can stick to running haha 🙂

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