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Why I’m Glad Results Day Went Wrong

Exactly 2 years ago today, I was in full blown panic mode. I got my A-Level results and I hadn’t got into my first or second choice Uni, in short, I’d had quite the mare and I’m sooooooo glad. Whilst most of my friends had secured their place with their grades, I’d fallen short of the mark and had to make the dreaded phone call to clearing. I got BBD, which if I’m perfectly honest I think could have been a lot worse, I just had the inability to successfully complete the Irish History exam from AS Level which brought my whole History grade down.

Despite my panic I managed to secure a place at Sheffield Hallam University to Study History- which ironically was my worst grade but the course leader didn’t seem to mind (lucky me). I’m so glad that this happened, although the day didn’t go to plan I was still so excited to even have a place at Uni at all. I know there will be thousands of students today who feel like they could have done better or didn’t get their first choice but it really does not matter. I literally haven’t thought about my A-Levels since results day and I have also never wished I was at Uni in Birmingham or Leeds which were my original choices.

My whole life packed up ready to move.

Despite staying in my home City I still chose to move out and I’m really glad I made that decision, it’s meant I’ve been able to live with my absolute bestie for 2 years and for my final year I get to live in a house with all my best friends from Uni. To anybody who has received their results today and it didn’t go as expected don’t worry, I know its cliche but everything does happen for a reason. If I hadn’t stayed in Sheffield I would never have met my amazing course friends, been able to live with one of my oldest friends and then new ones or got together with my boyfriend. So for me things have panned out okay despite a rather hectic morning in August 2 years ago. I’ve had more fun on Bar Crawls and Course Trips, Volunteering and Blogging because of Uni than I can explain and it’s an experience I wouldn’t change even if I could (especially because it means I’ve been able to stay near my beloved Leadmill).


St Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl with Josh and Dan.
Bar Crawl

Also in the same vein, if you haven’t secured a place at Uni, it doesn’t matter, there are plenty of other options and projects and jobs you can apply for or you can always reapply next year if you really do want the Uni experience.

Today was just a short one but I just wanted to share and reiterate that it’s okay for things not to go as you expected, whether that be Uni or otherwise, but it’s also great when they do. Uni is completely what you make of it no matter where you are or who you are with and I think I’ve turned out alright despite it all. So if you got a place today Well Done and if not then still Well Done because you tried your best and there will be something else out there for you. Also a special well done to my cousin Alice for getting into Hallam today, clever clogs, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


Let me know if you’ve been to Uni and whether you went to your first choice University or went through clearing like me, or if you received your results today!

Meg x


  • Hannah

    I got into my first choice but I loved this blog because I think it is important to remember that everything does happen for a reason and sometimes things can turn out for the better 🙂 xx

  • LizLiving

    My sister got her results yesterday and like you, they didn’t go quite to plan. But she has now secured a place at Leeds and either way we are all super excited for her! I think it is so true that everything happens for a reason and that there is no good in stressing too much over things that are now not in your control.
    Elizabeth || Liz Living

    • weeklymeg

      Amazing tell her congratulations! Leeds is such a lovely campus I’m sure she’ll really enjoy it! Exactly life’s too short to be panicking about things we can’t change x

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