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A Week in the Life: Freshers Edition

So you may have noticed I’ve been MIA on here since last week and that is because I have been super busy with Freshers week. I decided to let myself enjoy the week as it was my last one ever so I didn’t want to be stressed out about content instead of having fun. In this post I thought I’d just talk you through what I’ve been up to as a lot of you seem to like it when I do this kind of post. So here’s what happened during Freshers 3.0.


Okay so Sunday was about as un-freshers as it could get but I couldn’t not include it because I had such a nice day. In the morning myself and Josh headed to the Cat Cafe, “Tabby Teas‘ in town and I’m so glad we did! I feel I can incorporate this into a uni post as when we attempted to park up we were met by gridlock as the whole of the Halls of residence opposite tried to move in. Anyway, once inside we had a lovely time, we pre-booked incase it was busy but I was pleasantly surprised at how chilled out it was inside. The cakes were to die for, and really cheap and I happily demolished a chocolate muffin as big as my head alongside a pot of tea. The cats were all so playful and you could instantly see each one’s character from cheeky to king of the castle. You can’t go picking the cats up or pestering them whilst they are asleep so you have to do a bit of coaxing but some are super inquisitive. My favourites were Olaf (Fluffy Ginger) and Beardy (Black and white) who decided she liked Josh enough to sit on his knee. So this was part one of the lovely day.







Part two continued at Wentworth Garden Centre– which btw already has all the christmas shop open! We headed straight here after saying bye to the cats to meet my whole family for a family get together. This was a surprise we had organised for my Grandma and Grandad to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary, they thought they were meeting my cousin after she finished work but actually we were all secretly waiting to have afternoon tea with them instead! The cakes were yummy and I’d highly recommend the service if you’re looking to treat somebody special for an occasion.






Monday was the only day of the week that I worked, I finished at 7pm to be greeted by a text asking if I wanted to go to the pub. So once I got home we headed off to the Nursery Tavern for half price drinks- it would be rude not too. A nice chilled start to freshers.


On Tuesday we had quite a lazy day, as in I can’t remember what we did in the day so it can’t have been very interesting. However in the evening we got ready and went to the Leadmill Silent Disco. I go every year and this year didn’t disappoint, there is always a great atmosphere and there is music for everyone with 3 channels. I had such a good night with the house plus a few friends and it was a great way to kick off 3rd year.




Now Wednesday was a total write off, although I wasn’t hungover, everyone else was, we spent the day being lazy, moving only at 3pm to head out for a carvery which was delicious and also Danielle’s first ever one. Upon our return we moulded ourselves to the sofa by not moving from it for 9 hours.



Thursday was the first day back at Uni, we had an induction to 3rd year and a meeting with our individual dissertation tutors. They attempted to put the fear of god into us about the importance of hard work this year, but everybody around me was trying too hard not to be sick whilst nursing a hangover in a room the approximate temperature of the earths core. After Uni I had a few hours to chill and then I started getting ready for our next house night out, as we knew we were going to an 80’s night, we coordinated and went for a house shit shirt night with very extra makeup. We headed back to Leadmill, this time for Club Tropicana, the new 80’s club night. I was loving it, the music, the fashion, the DJ crowd surfing on a giant inflatable rubber duck- success. I did have a to leave a little early because I randomly started feeling anxious at like half 2 in the morning. I was pretty annoyed because I was having a fab time but I had literally never seen Leadmill so busy or full of smoke and my body obviously had other ideas about me seeing. I still had loads of fun though!




Friday marked my final day of freshers before I was due back to work over the weekend. I spent Friday being as lazy as all the other days this week, it may appear I am a lazy person but really I just ruined my sleep pattern by going out so much in a week and was super sleepy in the daytimes. Anyway we finished off the week by heading out to Plug to Celebrate Chi’s 21st birthday, although it seemed quiet at first it soon got really busy and we had a great night, where Charlie from Busted made a cheeky appearance.

So, I feel like for someone who holds a reputation of being an old woman who is in retirement I did pretty alright in freshers week to make it out as much as I did. Let me know if you went out this week maybe as first years or for the final time like me! If you’re interested in Uni theme posts check out my back to Uni series, including How to Save Money at University and What To Take To University.

Meg x




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