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September Favourites

Well what a busy month September has been. I feel like it only started about 5 minutes ago but so much has happened, hence why I’ve not been as frequent with my postings (Soz about that). I have spent the last month tagging my friends in Autumnal memes, cosying up in my new jumpers and going back to uni. So my favourites this month are a nice mix, some beauty, some events and yet again some more tv shows I’ve been obsessed with.

So I’ll start with the watchables, this month me and Amy watched series 1 of Doctor Foster because we knew season 2 was coming back onto our screens. OMG, we were shook. I really really enjoyed it and we’re currently watching season 2, so no spoilers please! The basic plot revolves around infidelity and its so gripping. As you can see from my recent favourites I’m really into dramas that are only a few episodes long that really get you gripped as to what is gonna happen next! The other series me and Josh have been watching is Liar, this one is on tv and it basically revolves around a rape allegation but you can’t help to believe both parties who say they are innocent. I’m really intrigued to see how this pans out because it’s really addictive and full of little plot twists. Now the nights are drawing in I love nothing more than getting nice and settled and binge watching a good series.

If any of you follow me on instagram you may have noticed that me and Amy have co-bought a ring light. This has been a game changer, I can take photos when there’s no sun!  We put off buying one for Amy’s vlogging and my blog for ages and then finally decided as the nights get longer that we needed to invest. We got this one from Amazon and it’s been really good so far, you can dim the brightness and I think you can buy different filters for different colour effects!


Would it be a monthly favourites without a candle? I think not. This month I’ve been burning the Yankee Candle Black Coconut scent, which I got in the largest size for £10 from a shop that was closing down. This smells like summer holiday in a jar, a contrast to my autumnal mood, but still don’t knock it till you’ve smelled it. There’s not much else to say except it smells gorgeous and I’ve just really being enjoying it this month.


I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned my Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream and Moisturiser before but I love them. They are so cheap and leave my skin feeling so soft. I use the eye cream and moisturiser in the day as it contains SPF 15 and then in the evening I use the Night Cream which is a bit thicker and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated by the morning. I’ve tried a lot of skincare and this is definitely some of the best I have ever used, if you have dry or sensitive skin I would highly recommend this range.


Earlier this month my talented friend Laura gave me a lash lift and tint and I have been loving it. I feel like I’m good to go even without wearing any makeup as it looks like you’re wearing mascara. The whole process is pretty quick, doesn’t hurt and lasts for weeks. She did eyelash extensions for me earlier in the year and although I liked them I enjoyed this LVL more as it’s less hassle to look after and it doesn’t matter if I fiddle with my eyelashes (I do this all the time). You can check Laura out on Instagram here!


Now the weather has dropped a bit colder I’ve been loving getting more wear out of my Autumn Wardrobe. I’m talking pinny dresses, cardigans and jumpers galore. There is nothing I love more than a nice snuggly jumper and now that I’m back at uni sitting in lectures all day I can’t get enough of them. Need I say more I just love knitwear!

FullSizeRender 3

Finally my last but no means least favourite this month was getting invited to my first ever blogger event. I was invited to attend the Meadowhall Student Night as a blogger by a lovely PR agent to come along and meet some other bloggers. I took my friend Danielle and we had a really good night including selfies in front of this gorgeous marble balloon wall and of course shopping. We also received a lovely goodie bag full of some amazing beauty bits from the very generous Debenhams so I can’t wait to get trying those out for you to see! It was really cool to meet other similar bloggers and to even be invited to something like this for the first time ever was amazing so a big thank you to anybody involved with that!

FullSizeRender 7.jpg


So that’s it, another monthly favourites done and dusted, let me know what you’ve been loving this month in the comments below, I’m always looking for new suggestions!

Meg x



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