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So you may have noticed a few more fashion posts going up recently so here I am with another one to finish up the Uni series. Anybody at University will know there are a few staple pieces that will see you through from day to night for any occasion. You never know when you might be heading straight from the library to the pub and then somehow find yourself on a night out. So in this post I thought I’d talk about a few keys pieces that have done me no wrong during my time at Uni.

Dungaree Dresses

These are an absolute staple for me, they can be worn over t-shirts or jumpers so can work for multiple seasons. These are great for attending Uni as they can be nice and warm in winter if you’re walking, they are very comfortable for sitting in lectures and they also look super cute. However my favourite feature has got to be the “joey pouch” i.e.. the front pocket, where I like to keep my phone/ snacks/ pens.

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Black Heeled Boots

An absolute must for any night out is a pair of black chunky boots- preferably of the leather (waterproof) variety. They can worn day to day but they really come into their own in the evenings paired with black jeans or a skirt. They are very comfy unlike heels and they keep your feet safe from smashed glass and sticky floors whilst you’re in the club. If you’ve ever been to Corp nightclub then you know why you need these boots.

Black Jeans

A true multi-tasker, I don’t mean black jeans that have been washed so many times they are now grey. I mean black jeans that are the same colour black as your chosen boots/ shoes or crop top (yes there a different shades of black clothes). They are a great night out alternative to a skirt for winter nights but they can also be worn day to day with jumpers or shirts. However what is also good about a good pair of black jeans is that they can be dressed up to look smart if needed for interviews which you may have a few of whilst at Uni for jobs, placements or for volunteering.

Thick Jumpers

If you’re in halls it’s not so much of a problem but if you live in a student house you’ll have to pay for your heating so nice thick jumpers are essential. Not only will they keep you warm, they are also nice and snug for sitting in long lectures at 9am after a night out. I love jumpers that much I featured my favourite knitwear in my September Favourites!

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Oversized shirt or checked shirt

These are perfect for throwing on over a t-shirt, they are really comfy and are best for spring time  as they are an extra layer without being too heavy.

Striped/band t-shirts

Essential for putting under the dungaree dresses or under jumpers for an extra layer. There more stripes involved the better. I don’t know what more can be said, I just think they are a staple.

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Big hoodie

For hangover days- no further explanation necessary.

Large bag or rucksack

You’ll be wanting to cart half the library home with you from Uni some days so you need a nice sturdy bag that can be stuffed to the brim with all your work, books, laptop and snacks. I have a rucksack and a large handbag which I can alternate between depending on the amount of stuff I need to carry or what my other plans for the day are.


Denim skirt

The humble denim skirt has never done me wrong. I have 2, a blue button up one which is perfect for day to day wear and a black one which is ideal for wearing in the evenings to look dressy but feel warm. A denim skirt will  go with any top in your wardrobe whether it’s for popping into uni  or going on a bar crawl it will do. I have literally worn my black denim skirt to a funeral and a night out so it’s cost per wear is very very low since I bought it.


Hopefully this will give you an insight into the kind of things I and many other students wear on the regular, maybe you’re a student yourself and just want to see other peoples’ style or maybe you have a friend or relative at Uni that would benefit from receiving one of these items as a gift. Let me know what your Uni capsule does or would contain in the comments below.

Meg x




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