I’m finally here to break my radio silence, I’m sorry there hasn’t been a blog post for a while, I’ve been absolutely swamped with Uni work (2 deadlines in a week!!) and as you may have guessed from the title I’ve been busy taking in the beautiful sights of Barcelona so that’s what I’m going to tell you all abut today.

A while ago Josh and I booked ourselves a long weekend for the end of October to catch one last bit of sun before the weather drops below freezing and the Christmas rush makes work manic! We went from Friday to Monday which was just enough time to cram everything in that we wanted see and do, but I could have easily stayed for another week just to take it all in a bit more. We booked our little city break with Jet2 who we have used a few times before and I completely trust, we’ve never had a bad holiday with them! Our flights and hotel were included in the package, including our breakfast so all we had to worry about buying was evening meals and any attractions we wanted to see.

Friday 27th October

We had an early morning flight from Leeds Bradford Airport so after our flight we got to spend most of the day in Barcelona. However before we even got there I slipped and fell into Duty Free and treated myself to a gorgeous pair of Raybans which I have been eyeing up for ages! We slept most of the flight (which was around 2 and a half hours) as it was an early start and then after our arrival we got a taxi straight to the hotel. We stayed at the H10 Marina Barcelona which I couldn’t recommend enough! The room was lovely and the food was also delicious, I’m not that keen on continental breakfasts usually but this one was amazing, I had 2 plates everyday! We also decided to treat ourselves further to room service when we first checked in as we were absolutely starving. This is the first time I have ever ordered room service and I felt like a Princess until I realised it was actually so well priced and the food was gorgeous. Refuelled and ready to go we headed off into the city to explore. We had literally not got a clue where we were going but we managed to stumble across the beach and a nice Pier with nice bars and cafes. We spent a lazy afternoon watching some Volleyball and strolling along the sea front and drinking San Miguel as it was surprisingly warm so late in the year. Later on we ventured further inland and accidentally found the Sagrada Familia without even trying, it was so impressive and ridiculously detailed! We decided to come back to see it in daylight to get some nice photos so we decided to go for tea and we chose a nice little Italian where we both had pasta!

Bodysuit and Skirt both from Topshop ft. New sunglasses.
As always my hair ruining a nice photo.

Saturday 28th October

On Saturday we headed out bright and early (after breakfast of course) and went to wander around some more, we didn’t really have a plan of exactly what we wanted to see but we ended up back at the Sagrada Familia for some better photos. All the tours were sold out so we decided to get the Hop on Hop off bus tour of the city with a 2 day pass. We did this in Budapest and it was an amazing way to get around, see more of the city and learn a bit of history. With the bus we were able to cover more ground so we went up to Park Güell which is gorgeous and home to some of Guadi’s works including sculptures and his house. We walked for miles and miles and it was such an amazing view of the whole city, it really put into perspective how big it is.

Sagrada Familia



Overlooking the city.

From the Park we got back on the bus and headed to Plaça de Catalunya, the main square in the city centre, this was a super busy area with loads of shops and leading to La Ramblas! When we arrived we decided to head for food, Josh has got a habit of seeking out Hard Rock Cafe’s wherever we go so obviously we chose to go there! I had macaroni cheese and chips with an amazing vanilla milkshake! We then had a wander round the area, including into THE biggest Sephora I have ever seen. I was very well behaved and only picked up a Kat Von D Lolita II Liquid Lipstick and OG Lolita Lipliner and then Josh treated me to a handbag size bottle of her Saint Perfume which smells to die for. In the afternoon we walked round loads more, called into an Irish Bar and briefly met up with Katherine, our friend from school who is on a Uni placement there for a year. We finished off the day with a very embarrassing but fun Rickshaw ride back to the hotel and then a tasty meal down by the Marina where the waiter forced us into doing some very questionable shots!


View from the Hop on Hop off Bus.

Sunday 9th October

Sunday was deffo Josh’s day, we were up super early again to head to the Camp Nou Experience to look round Barcelona’s football ground, even I was excited! We saw lots more of the city on our way there and the stadium tour was amazing, the ground itself was huge and there was so much to see in the Museum! Although we were a bit shocked when they wanted us to pay 60 euros for 3 photos we didn’t want of us photoshopped next to Messi.

Playsuit from Zara.


In the afternoon we headed back to the heart of the city but there was a large protest gathering (which you may have seen on the news) which was perfectly peaceful but lots of the roads were being closed so we decided to stay out of the way and go back to the seafront. We found a little shopping centre and it was such a lovely area with an amazing view of all the boats. We also visited the Aquarium because why not?




Finally to finish off the afternoon as it was so warm we went back to the beach to chill for an hour and I even dipped my toes in the sea. Then in the evening we went for our final meal on a rooftop terrace overlooking the sea and it was literally the perfect end to the holiday!

We literally just travelled home on Monday so there’s not much to say about that but to sum up we had an absolutely amazing time, we didn’t have any problem with the protests and I would love to go back! A big thanks to Josh for being the best travelling buddy and it was a great way to celebrate our anniversary!

Let me know your favourite places in Barcelona if you’ve been or where you’d love to visit if not! I hope you enjoyed my little rambling and maybe it’s been helpful for some of you. Also a huge thanks as there are now over 500 of you which is amazing so thanks for reading!

Meg x


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