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Deck The Halls | Blogmas Day 3

Today is the day, we’ve trimmed the tree, whipped out the tin of Quality Street and strung fairy lights from every available surface. Christmas is on the way!

Every year we have the big clean (the boring bit) and move round all the furniture to make room for the Christmas decorations. We have 2 christmas trees, one in the living room which has a gold theme and one in the conservatory which is Red, Green and White which me and my sister decorate each year. Today I thought I’d show you our decorations so less words and more photos for today’s Blogmas post!

First up is the tree me, Ellis and Josh decorated this year! It’s very much more is more and I love it! Each year we both choose a bauble to add to the collection so each year it gets harder and harder to find space for them!

Next up is the tree which my Mum has free reign with, it’s much more organised than ours but none the less looks very pretty and is more inviting as you enter the house!

Decorating the house is one of my favourite parts of christmas, it’s a day which I look forward to all year and I’m sure a lot of you are the same. There’s something about seeing all the twinkly lights and sparkles which makes everything seem extra cosy and gets me even more excited for the big day! It’s great seeing baubles and decorations we’ve had since I was little and is a nice reminder of my childhood when I look around! It’s also fun to all spend a day together getting the house looking festive, especially now I’m away from home at Uni most of the time!

I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s spent this weekend getting into the festive spirit, comment below what you’ve been getting up to!

Meg x


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