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Neal’s Yard Remedies Surprise | Blogmas Day 12 & 13

Slap on the wrist for me, yesterday I slipped up and didn’t post for blogmas, I managed 11 days before this happened so I think I did pretty well. You know how December is, we’ve all got a million and one sets of plans to try and see all of our friends and family before the big day and alongside work it just caught up with me. However I’m back today with a rather exciting post!

You might remember that last week I went to a Blogger Event at the new Neal’s Yard Remedies store in Meadowhall, when I was there, there was a chance to win a beautiful hamper made up of some of their best selling products. Well today I received a very lovely email letting me know I’d won! Obviously I went straight down to the store to collect my amazing prize. So in today’s Blogmas I thought it might be nice to share with you what was included as it might help you with some last minute Christmas Gift ideas if you can no longer rely on Peter Kay tickets! I’d also just like to cover my own back and say I am not bragging at all in writing this, I’m just super excited and grateful for such a lovely prize and all the thoughts are my own!

Reed Diffuser: Calming

First up, and the biggest item in the selection, the Calming Reed Diffuser. This would be the perfect gift for somebody who loves home fragrance or is perhaps unable to burn candles if they live in student or rented accommodation. The main notes in this diffuser are rose and geranium but the overall scent is exactly what the store smells like, if you’ve been in you will know! There are a few different scents aside from calming, such as Uplifting and Balancing. What’s also fab is that when you’ve used up the oil you can buy refills instead of having to replace the glass and the reeds.

Beauty Sleep Body Butter

Next up is a luxurious body butter which is super thick and moisturising for the winter months. It’s a night-time treat to help you drift off to sleep with the soothing scent of lavender and essential oils. I can’t wait to use this after a nice long bath and have an early night for once. The would be the perfect preset for someone who struggles to sleep or maybe somebody who is worn out and needs to treat themselves to a good rest.

Wild Rose Hand Cream

Although I don’t normally gravitate towards rose scents, this hand cream might just change my tube as it’s not overpowering and neither is the consistency greasy! It’s a perfect handbag size to carry about during the colder months when your hands can become chapped and neglected. The person that springs to mind when I look at this is my Grandma, but in a good way, she always has a hand cream by her side and her hands are super soft as a result!

Goodnight Pillow Mist

I was only saying the other day I wanted a new pillow mist to help me nod off to sleep, I think this paired with the body butter are going to be exactly what I needed. It’s not overpowering as some sleep sprays can smell a bit peppery to me but luckily that’s not the case here.

Rest Lavender Bath Salts

When I visited the store last week, I was very kindly gifted some Aromatic Bath Salts, today i was lucky enough to complete the set with some Lavender bath salts, again super relaxing. It’s as if somebody knew my dissertation was due in a few months time and there will be a lot of stress flying around. These would be a lovely gift for somebody you don’t know awfully well but still want to treat to something a bit nice that they may not buy for themselves.

Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil

This is an oil for normal skin types, which I was actually eyeing up when I visited the store. My skin gets so dehydrated in the cold weather and due to the air-con at work. The oil is to be applied after cleansing to absorb into the skin to add an extra layer of moisture, leaving your skin nice and plump!

Aromatic Foaming Bath

I clearly need to up my game with how many bath’s I take. This herbal infusion is added to the bath to relax the muscles and again, shock horror, relax you. I’m excited to try this as i usually go for a bath bomb rather than an oil or foam. I will report back on how I like it.

Bee Lovely All Over Balm

This balm is part of the Bee Lovely range, where some of the profits go towards saving the bees (which is very important btw)! It smells citrusy to me but is super gentle, and can be used anywhere on your body to prevent dryness. I think this is going to come in super handy over the colder months (wonder how many times I’ll say that in one blog post?), and with it being 50g it can be taken on holiday too so if anybody is off on a winter break you could treat them to this.

Remedies to Roll: Night Time

Talking of travel this rollerball is a perfect carry-on size to take away. It’s basically a more portable version of the pillow spray which can be applied to pressure points to help aid sleep. If you know someone about to take a long haul flight or who who struggles to sleep when they are away from home this would be perfect.

Beauty Sleep Concentrate

Last but not least is this sleep concentrate which again I was very interested when I went in to store the first time. It’s almost like a serum which is applied overnight as an extra layer of hydration, I’ve been wanting to add a serum to my skincare routine for a while so this is just want I need. If you know someone who is into their skincare then this would be a lovely treat.

So there you have it, a bit more detail on a few products which are on offer in the Neal’s Yard Remedies store, I would highly recommend you pop into store as the girls are sooooooo nice but if not all these items are available online. What I love is that these products appeal to me at 20 years old but would span right over to grandparent territory as there really is a product for everyone. Let me know in the comments if you have used any of these products and how you got on with them.

On last massive thanks to Neal’s Yard Remedies for such a generous prize, it is super appreciated and I can’t wait to enjoy them all!

Meg x



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