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1 Year of Wandering Meg

Happy Birthday to me! Today my little corner of the internet turns one! I can’t believe it, I’ve been at this blogging malarkey for an entire year and it’s been amazing. On this day last year me and Amy gave each other a big pep-talk about getting on and doing the things we wanted to do and so I set up this blog on WordPress and Amy started a YouTube channel. Wandering Meg has been my little baby ever since and I’ve nurtured it up until where we are now. Now I’m not saying this is the best blog in the world (although I might like to) but I do think it’s come a long way in 12 months.

So much has changed about my content and it’s appearance, I started out with a  very simple layout, with my posts laid out in squares with an image to click on and I thought that was amazing. Then time went on and I realised it looked a bit messy so I tried a different look including plenty of links to social media and little snippets of each of my posts. Now finally we are at the point where I have a self hosted blog, which looks to way I want it to and in my opinion looks a bit more grown up and professional than it originally did.

From this to this…

I’ve got better at taking photos- thank god for my ring light, and also got into the swing of writing content about different subjects. I can’t speak for everyone but from the feedback I get, people seem to like my posts, which is weirder to hear from people who don’t even know me or live in the same country as me!

From this….
To this.

It may not seem like much to some but this year I’ve already seen myself invited to some blogging events including some lovely ones hosted at The Botanist, Neal’s Yard Remedies and Joe Browns. These events have really made me feel like I’m part of a little community as it’s given me the chance to meet some really nice ladies who show continued support on social media and in person! I feel very lucky that already brands are wanting to reach out to me even though this year I’ve been a bit of a newbie.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to my readers for continuing to read my ramblings, I read and appreciate every comment that you take time to write. Thanks for my Mother for publicly outing this blog on Facebook so that I had no choice but to keep up with it. Thanks to Amy for forcing me into it in the first place and thanks to Josh who makes me write posts even when I’m nearly falling asleep so that I don’t miss an upload date! thanks to Laura for always making me feel beautiful with your makeovers and thank you to Megan for introducing me to PR and getting me invited to some swanky events. I very much appreciate all your help and love and I wouldn’t write any of it if I didn’t know you were reading. Sorry about the cringe but I just wanted to say thank you okay?

I’m super proud of myself for sticking at this for so long already, I wasn’t sure when I stared this thing last year if I could or would want to keep it up, but turns out I do. It’s a hobby that has given me loads to talk about, loads of opportunities and loads of new friends and has made me see things in a new light. I get so excited about everything I do and see because I just want to share it with you lot. Blogging also makes me take note of some very beautiful places when I’m trying to take enough photos to fill up a post. My blog has also been my little outlet when I’ve ever felt overwhelmed whilst at Uni, I think writing blog posts is my way of staying sane when I have a mountain of work to do or I’m feeling bored so I suppose it has it’s uses! On the back of my blog, I’ve also set up a YouTube channel, who’s have thought it? Granted there’s only one upload, my vlog of Barcelona but maybe 2018 might be the year to improve on that, but for now I think starting it in the first place is an achievement.

Hopefully Wandering Meg shall continue for a long time to come, with some more travel content and with my time at Uni drawing to a close I’ll be interested to see what comes next. Let me know in the comments if there is any content that you would like to see featured in the coming weeks and months and I will happily oblige. Thanks again for reading!

Meg x


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