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We’re Going To Rome

As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m very excited to be writing this blog post, the title is a bit of a give away as to why! I mentioned in my recent post that myself and Josh were planning to book our holiday to Rome soon, and a couple of nights ago we did just that. We parked ourselves in front of Expedia and scrolled through pages of flights and hotels until we found the perfect holiday. The most exciting thing? The week we’ve chosen means I’ll be spending my 21st birthday in Rome, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be!

Obviously the actual booking has been sorted but we obviously want to see as much as possible whilst we are there, that means we will be booking a few tours and making a rough plan of where we want to go. If anybody has any suggestions whether it be tours of ancient attractions or cute little cafes please let me know in the comments! Of course we want to have a good look around the Colosseum and the Forum, not forgetting the Pantheon and probably the Vatican too. I’m actually super interested in classical history as I studied Classical Civilisations at A- Level, I’m a fount of random information about the Greeks and Roman’s don’t you know? This being said i’m sure i’m going to drive Josh mad talking about all the myths and history whilst we’re there.

So besides the itinerary, the other thing I need to think about is my wardrobe. I mentioned this in my other post, I actually have a distinct lack of summer clothes so these will be necessary editions to my capsule wardrobe. Ideally I’d like to pick up a jumpsuit which is nice and lightweight and then a couple of nice little tops to wear in the evening. The thing that I think will be most difficult will be finding something to wear to the Vatican’s you need to dress a little more reserved than you normally would in those temperatures. So I either need some summer clothes with sleeves or I’ll just have to throw on my denim jacket. I was having a read of Elle’s recent post over on and she really got me inspired to start thinking about some lovely spring/ summer outfits. She’s compiled a list of suggestions and images that have made me want to assess my summer wardrobe situation a few months early because I really like some of the pieces she’s featured. This is a perfect example of how fellow bloggers and Pinterest can be amazing for finding inspiration for anything really! I started looking for nice summer pieces as soon as I read Elle’s post and I managed to find this lovely dress on the Next website so maybe I’ll order this if I don’t find anything else!

Another thing I wanted to mention briefly is the Lonely Planet City Guides, I just wanted to spread the word because they are actually so handy and I’ve used them previously on some of my most recent trips, including Barcelona. The app lets you download a city guide ahead of time so that it’s all available without internet access. It provides maps, information about local travel and suggestions of popular food and tourist destinations. I think this is going to be super handy, especially on the first day when we’re trying to get our bearings a little. I know I’m a bit early, but once I know I’m going away there’s nothing stopping me, I just love to plan and organise to make the run up to the trip more exciting. If you’d like more content about my holidays let me know because I’m sure I can rustle something up for you guys.

So there you have it, just a short one today but I just wanted to share with everyone that the trip is booked and i’m bloody excited!

Meg x



  • Hannah

    You are going to have an incredible time in Rome! Hopefully it will be cooler for you than it was when I went in the summer as I was melting and lots of ice cream was consumed. But of course it is Italy so lots of gelato must be consumed! For the Vatican and the Pantheon, shoulders and knees must be covered – we got around it by carrying lightweight shawls that we could wrap around our shoulders since it was so hot. Definitely go check out the Trevi Fountain. Also, Happy Early 21st Birthday! xx

    • Meg

      Thankyou! Are you even in Italy if you don’t consume your own body weight in ice cream?? Oooh thanks that’s good to know, last thing I want is to not get to look round because of my outfit haha! Thankyou!! xx

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