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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

After a hectic week of Uni deadlines and working, I’m super excited to finally be packing for my holiday! Very soon I’ll be a jetting off for a bit of sun in Lanzarote with Josh and my family. I thought I’d do a little bit of content on what I’ve been packing to take with me, as if you’re nosey like me, you might find it interesting. So I’m starting off with what’s in my travel makeup bag!

Usually I try and be as minimal as possible when packing beauty products to take away with me, however this trip will be nearly 2 weeks so I want to make sure I take enough. It’s also not going to be boiling hot so I’m unsure if my skin tone is going to change drastically with a tan and I might want to wear a little more makeup than I usually would abroad. That being said I have still tried to limit myself to one of each type of item, with the exception of foundation (in case I get a tan) and eyeshadow. Some of you may read this post and think I’m being ridiculous but I think for 2 weeks I’m being pretty realistic.

So without further ado, lets get onto the good stuff. Firstly I’d like to mention my makeup bag, it’s a silver Laura Ashley bag which Josh’s Mum and Dad got for me at Christmas. It’s the perfect size travel makeup bag as it can fit in an eyeshadow palette, brushes and a mirror on top of all my products- it’s also just really pretty too. I’m not sure if this will still be available but the quality is great so I assume all the bags in their range will be pretty durable.

travel makeup bag

First up, base makeup. For my primer I’ve just thrown in a cheap and cheerful bottle of Collection Primed and Ready. This is a creamy consistency containing witch hazel, it makes my base makeup apply nicely and it isn’t drying at all. As I mentioned I have gone for 2 foundations, this is incase my skin gets more tanned by the end of the fortnight. I’ve gone for my everyday favourite, No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation in the shade Calico. This is, as the name suggests, super lightweight which is great if you don’t like to feel caked in makeup. I have very dry skin and this gives quite a dewy finish, I apply mine with a sponge!

The other foundation I’ve packed is my trusty NYX HD Foundation, this is a slightly darker shade which I wear in summer so I’m hoping the even if I don’t get a dark tan, I can mix these two foundations together to achieve the right shade. For concealer I’ve gone for the Glossier Stretch Concealer as it’s a creamy and moves with your skin and doesn’t look cakey. Finally powder, I’ve just gone for my usual NYX HD pressed powder in translucent, just set everything in place, I might not use this a ton but it’s there if I need it.

Base makeup flatlay

Now for all the extras, I’m still trying to use up my NYX Wonderstick, which if you have read my “Products I’m Trying To Use Up” post, you know I am trying desperately to finish off. I’ve gone for a No7 bronzer and 2 different shades of the Glossier Cloud Paints (they weigh nothing). Dusk and Beam are both great cheek colours which can be worn individually or mixed together so I’ve got plenty of blush options, one dusky and one peachy.

Of course I had to pack my Glossier Haloscope in the shade Quartz, if there’s anywhere where this highlight stick is going to look glossy and natural, it’s in the sun on holiday. This is also perfect for a no-makeup, makeup look. I’ve also thrown in a No7 Skin Illuminator which I received as a free gift when I bought my other products. I think this in combination with the Haloscope is going to leave me with a glowing tan even if I don’t actually catch any sun.

Finally to set this all in place I’m taking my NYX Dewy setting spray just to seal everything in place, there’s not much to say about this except it really does the trick and it is a fine mist which doesn’t spray out and ruin your makeup in large droplets.

makeup flatlay

For lips I’ve gone for 2 lipsticks and a corresponding lipliner. I’ve chosen a nude, Blush Basin, and a red, Scarlett Soaked, both of which are Burts Bees. I have been rambling on about these to anybody who will listen since before Christmas. The formula is so moisturising and isn’t a block colour, meaning it can be applied sparingly for a tint or built up for a more bold look. The red is my perfect shade and the nude is like my “your lips but better” shade. I’ve chosen NYX lipliners to go under each in the colours, these are Nude Suede and Red.

I think this will be enough for 2 weeks because I’ll only probably be wearing a lip colour in the evenings anyway.

NYX and Burts bess lipsticks

Finally eyes, I’ve gone for my Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base which I have nearly finished but I can’t bare to part with. I don’t think I will be repurchasing it again after the whole Nars cruelty-free saga which is very saddening. However I can’t deny this product is incredible, I’m worried I’ll never find another eye primer to rival it’s high quality.

To go on my primed eyes, I’ve packed 2 eyeshadow options. The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, which contains all the perfect warm tones you want on your hols and then the Nars gold Isolde duo. I would normally just take Isolde with me when I travel as it’s so compact, but I reckon over 2 weeks I’m going to want some variety. I have a Sleek brow mascara, which I can’t link as it’s discontinued but it does the trick and then finally a No7 Lash Impact Ultra Mascara, this really gives my lashes volume and length-perfect for evening meals.

eye makeup

So that is everything, obviously there are a few brushes, a pair of tweezers and a makeup sponge, but that’s it otherwise. I don’t think I’ve gone too crazy, it may look a lot, but as I mentioned before it’s basically near enough one of each product. Let me know in the comments below which beauty products you love to travel with, I’d love to hear any suggestions!

Meg x


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