The Cabin pancakes

The Cabin: The Best Pancakes In Sheffield

I’m putting it out there now, I love pancakes. I love them with ice cream. I love them with fruit or golden syrup. I love scotch pancakes. I love crepes, you get the idea. So when a pancake and waffle house opened in Sheffield I was desperate to visit. You may or may not have heard of The Cabin, which is now potentially one of my favourite places to eat in Sheffield, and most certainly home to the finest pancakes around.

Situated, under Atkinsons at the bottom of the Moor, it is in a prime city centre location and I have never seen it not busy so I think that pretty much sells is straight away.

The Cabin Menu

It has the most amazing decor, think, Rocky Mountains Log Cabin. It’s full of comfy arm chairs, patchwork quilts and not to mention a resident bear, it has a really homely, cosy feel to it. Did I mention it also smells divine? Not only is there the constant scent of pancakes and waffles drifting over from the kitchen, but there’s also the burning of sweet smelling candles and maple syrup. The best bit? You can buy these candles whilst you’re there, as the Cabin has a small shop section which is perfect for an unusual gift.

The Cabin interior

The Cabin Menu

So onto the food, I’ve been couple of times and each time I have opted for pancakes, but that’s not to say the waffles don’t look amazing. Last time I went for a pancake stack with maple syrup, topped with strawberries, with strawberry and vanilla ice cream. You get 3 pancakes, which doesn’t sound a lot but trust me, they are very filling so it is more than enough! Josh went for a savoury option with scrambled eggs and bacon instead which also looked lovely. Both were demolished pretty sharpish.

The Cabin pancakes

The Cabin also runs a Pancake and Waffle challenge consisting of either 3 waffles or 12 pancakes, whichever you prefer, and if you eat them all within 30 minutes you eat for free. Having struggled to even finish 3,  I can’t even imagine how on earth you could finish 12 but I know it’s been achieved a few times! So if you’re feeling particularly greedy you could always give that little challenge a go and get your face up on the wall of fame.

milkshakes in jars

What I’ve loved about both my visits is the atmosphere, granted we’ve been on Sunday’s which are bound to be busier than a weekday, but there’s always a nice mix of couples, friends and families enjoying some quality time together. The staff are super friendly and it just has such a relaxed vibe. I already can’t wait to go back, I think next time I’m going to trial the waffles to see if they taste as good as they look! If you are in need of a new place to brunch, or perhaps you want to take your Mum out for her birthday or just want to take advantage of your weekend off work then I would highly recommend giving it a visit.

It’s also reasonably priced for the amount of food you get, it cost exactly £20 for both of us to have an extremely filling plate of food and a milkshake each! As it is so busy, I would recommend leaving enough time for your meal just in case there is a small wait time, but if you’re a party of 7 or more you can ring in the days prior to your visit and book in so that you are guaranteed to be seated.

couple in cabin

So there you have it, just a few thoughts on one of my newest Sheffield haunts, which I’m sure you will all love. As I said it’s suitable for families, couples or just a catch up with friends! Let me know if you have been in the comments below!

Meg x


  • Hannah

    I haven’t been to a waffle or pancake house in so long! I definitely prefer waffles to pancakes though. The pancakes look delicious. I will be sure to check it out if I’m ever in Sheffield. xx

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