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Lanzarote Lookbook

So you may or may not know but I have spent the last two weeks, trying, and failing, to get a tan in sunny Lanzarote. It was a thoroughly enjoyable family holiday including lots of beer, dissertation work, good food and good people. So today I thought I would share with you some of my outfits from the trip, a mixture of day and night attire that might give you some inspiration if you happen to be going away soon, a Lanzarote Lookbook if you like. I’d also like to say a quick thanks to my various photographers on this trip, Josh, Mum, Alice, Ellis, Grandad you absolute gems.

So a quick note on the weather so you have a bit of context. As a lot of you will know the Canary Islands are very very hot, they are off the coast of Africa after all, but as they are islands, the weather can be changeable at this time of year as it’s not high summer. So it got up to 30 degrees in the day but dropped cooler and a bit windier in the evenings, so there was most definitely a need for a jacket. So here are a few of my outfits and I’ll try and link what I can but many items are older so will be out of stock unfortunately- I am a creature of habit who likes to wear the same thing over and over. I also repeated a couple of outfits as there was a washing machine at the apartment, which meant I didn’t have to pack as much stuff. Basically I’m showing you a highlight real, rather than the same picture of me wearing the same outfit everyday!

First up, I have to start with my first day, when I was super giddy about wearing shorts, I paired my vintage Levi’s which I got many moons ago with a red and white striped Brandy Melville T-shirt (similar here) for ultimate comfort. I broke in my new Topshop Sliders and paired the look with my Accessorise star handbag which is just big enough for a few essentials like my phone, euros, emergency suncream etc.

Now I’m not especially keen on this next outfit, but tough shit I’ve worn it now. I wore my little pink vest top from Next with my Miss Selfridge denim skirt (super old but most places sell something like this). A nice repetition of the bag and then my River Island blush pink pumps for a walk along the sea front to the Marina. All of these were summer clothes from last year but there are similar items available this season. I remember wearing this exact outfit in Budapest last year, but I suppose that’s the point of having a capsule wardrobe, it’s there to be re-worn time and time again.

This next one in the Lanzarote Lookbook is an evening outfit. I wore my new blush jumpsuit from New Look, along with my converse for a more casual style. I like the look of my Raybans with this outfit as it brings out the pink tint in them. What’s great about this jumpsuit is that it’s super stretchy, so it’s perfect for a big evening meal and I think it can be made to look dressy or casual depending on the situation. On the website the colour is called rust, but it is 100% pink, don’t be fooled. I wore this a couple of times because it is so damn comfy.

Big up Josh for mastering Portrait mode on my iPhone. This was another daytime look with my Females of the Future t-shirt from Topshop last year, along with some yellow shorts from Primark. I’ve learned my lesson buying from Primark as these subsequently ripped along the crotch the next day. As much as I loved the colour, the quality was crap and it served me right for buying them, never mind, I’m going to make more of an effort to continue buying more ethical clothes from now on, made of a better quality material. I do however love this look, so i’ll be trying to recreate it with some of my other shorts when I go to Ibiza in a couple of months time.

Right, here is the first pair of striped trousers in this post, I actually purchased them whilst away in Mango and they were really reasonably priced at around 17 euros. They’re super lightweight but were good at keeping the breeze off my legs at night. As I bought these in Lanzarote, I’m struggling to find the on the UK Mango site, but you never know they could have them in stores. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of these during the British summer, because we all know it’s nice in the day but turns very cool in the shade when you’re sat in a beer garden. I wore the trousers with a simple white cami vest and my denim jacket, which I wore basically every evening once the sun had gone in. Again the sliders, they were the best £29 I’ve spent in a long time.

Striped trousers numero dos, these are my Zara culottes from last summer which I wore along with my other holiday purchase, yet another slogan feminist t-shirt, this one is from Mango. I’m so predictable it hurts. I love tops like this because they can dress down an outfit to make it more casual for day to day, I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this ensemble when the weather is nice enough at home. Again, I can’t seem to find this on the UK site but maybe that’s because it is brand new into stores and the culottes are from last year but try Zara, Mango or River Island for similar ones this year.

Aaaah yes, here I am again channeling sailor vibes in my other striped trousers I bought from the Marina, with a simple white bodysuit from New Look. Again I chucked on my denim jacket, which I got from a charity shop for about £12 and then paired the look with my cream coloured woven/beaded bag which I picked up whilst away. Apologies, for essentially showing you a bunch of outfits that you cannot buy because they are either sold out or from abroad but this is my wardrobe so there’s not much I can do about it i’m afraid.

Next something a bit different ie. not a pair of striped trousers. I teamed this yellow cami vest with a black maxi skirt from Miss Selfridge, that I actually picked up from a charity shop for £2.70. You may be noticing a theme here but you should definitely check out charity shops, especially in student areas like Ecclesall Road, if you’re in Sheffield, they’re an absolute gold mine. I really liked this outfit because it was something a bit different for me, usually if I’m wearing a skirt it’s A-line with tights and a jumper tucked in, so I actually felt quite sophisticated in this one. Again as you can see the denim jacket and the sliders, as I went for 2 weeks I didn’t have enough weight allowance to pack tonnes of accessories and shoes so I just kept wearing this trusty pairing.

Now back to another casual daytime look. Would you believe this top is actually from the Next children’s section! They go up to an age 16 but I would say that it’s equal to at least a ladies 8 if not 10! So there’s another tip for you because kids clothes are cheaper. My mum picked this top up for me and brought it out as a surprise for me, it says “Full Time Blogger”- I wish. I love the contrast of the pink and red together, which seems to be very popular at the moment. I don’t really get why a child would be a blogger but hey ho, it’s obvious a trend at the moment. I chucked on my other denim shorts which it transpired were too small and swiftly donated them to my sister shortly after this photo was taken. I did have them since being 16, again a vintage pair, so I’m surprised I’d managed to hang onto them for so long.

Back to evening wear, and a cameo appearance from Josh for a change. I got this orange dress from Primark, and unlike the yellow shorts it has not ripped and exposed my crotch so a much better purchase. Unfortunately I can’t link it as they don’t have the best website but it was a recent purchase just before my trip, so if you’re quick you might still be able to find it. It’s super lightweight and just the perfect holiday colour, even better if you can manage a tan unlike me.

Finally my last outfit was very much inspired by Kate la Vie and The Anna Edit. Kate “made” me buy the top, which was from Mango last year and is the perfect smart casual top (similar here)! Anna “made” me buy the jeans and hunt down a pair of sliders in this style. The jeans are the BDG AXYL style from Urban Outfitters, and they are soooo comfy, I wore these to travel in on the way out. The denim is super soft but is perfect for spring/summer as the raw hem, straight leg allows for a little breeze so you don’t get hot and sweaty wearing them, they also come in half sizes which is great if you struggle to find jeans that fit you. The black belt is from Topshop, along with the shoes, which you will know if you’ve been paying attention.

So there you have it, my holiday wardrobe. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve loved creating it. Some of you may already have seen some of these outfits as I’ve been spamming my instagram with holiday OOTD photos but never mind. Let me know in the comments which outfit is your favourite and what your go to holiday wardrobe essentials are, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Meg x

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