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If you’re from Sheffield, you will know that Division Street is a hub of quirky shops, independent breweries and bars, and if you’re not from Sheffield, then listen up because you are about to learn something new. Last night myself and Amy were lucky enough to be invited along to Division Street, home of Forum, one of Sheffield’s coolest kitchen/bars to try out the new menu, which will be launching in the next couple of weeks (late April). Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on the evening and recommend the menu if you’re a foodie, and/or vegetarian or vegan! Sheffield’s food scene is strong at the moment, especially in the heart of the city centre, but Forum have most certainly nailed their new selection of foods, from power bowls to tacos and pizza, there is something for everyone.

Forum menu

A group of us very lucky Sheffield bloggers were invited down to try lots of different items on the new menu! It was like an all you can eat buffet of vegan pizza, nachos and a host of different power bowls with food from different cuisines including African and Italian. I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite, it was the perfect way to try lots of things at once, almost in a tapas style. Of course when the menu launches you can just order what you want as a full meal, but there are plenty of sides and sharer dishes to eat between you and a friend! I think next time I go I’ll try a burger but the pizza’s were insane, as was the Italian Power Bowl, filled with gorgeous Mozzarella and tomatoes!

I also think the pricing is really reasonable so it is definitely a venue which sits comfortably within a student budget! Not only that, but for £3 you can sign up for a reward card, which will earn the money back in discounts on food and drinks and rewards! Also, did I mention that there is half price food on certain days? Head down for Burger Monday’s to get 50% off burgers, or if you fancy a pizza, opt for Death by Pizza with half price pizzas all day! Not too shabby if you ask me.

Buddha bowl

What I really like about Forum, besides how instagrammable it is, is the relaxed atmosphere inside. The bar itself has quite an edgy look with neon signs and an industrial vibe, in-keeping with it’s Sheffield heritage. I just think it’s a great place for a lot of different things, midweek it’s perfect for a bite to eat or a few cocktails with the girls- I would highly recommend the Porn Star Martini- but at a weekend it is a hub of activity as it’s only a stones throw away from West Street.

After we had stuffed our faces, and did a bit of a evaluation of the food to make sure they get it just right in time for the menu launch, we headed a bit further down the road to The Devonshire, a pub which I have surprisingly never visited. I didn’t realise, but True North Brew Co, the people behind Forum, also own multiple bars around Sheffield. Well the atmosphere was just as great in here and I can confirm that the cocktails were just as lovely. So if you ever find yourself out for drinks on division street, you could have yourself a little bar crawl.

enjoy life and eat cake

So there you have it, just a little taster of what food is coming soon to Sheffield, so make sure you get yourself down to Forum for a bite to eat, whether it’s for your next lunch meeting or just a nice meal with your partner! Breakfast is also on the menu too, so don’t be put off by the fact it’s a bar, nobody is going to make you drink alcohol, you can always choose a coffee alongside a full English breakfast.

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Forum before in the comments below, or if you’re planning to go and taste the new menu as soon as it launches! I’ll certainly be eating back for round 2!

Meg x


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