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A Month Of Sundays

Sundays for me are a mixture of two things. They should either be extremely lazy days where you lay in bed binge watching Netflix and stuffing your face with food. Or they should be days to be out exploring new places, eating nice food or doing cool things with loved ones. So that’s why on this sunny bank holiday I thought I’d share how I spent my previous 4 Sundays. So here goes…

Sunday 1

The First Sunday of May was a scorcher, myself and Josh spent the day sunbathing and chilling as it also happened to be a bank holiday. We headed to Clifton Park in the morning, where we had a wander round the grounds, ate some nice food and tried our hand at mini-golf. Josh won on points but I got a hole in one, so who’s the real winner? Then we headed back to Sheffield and spent the afternoon having a picnic in the Botanical Gardens. So basically we spent the whole day relaxing in the sun and stuffing our faces with food.

Sunday 2

The second Sunday of the month was unfortunately spent working instead of doing something a bit more fun. Myself and Josh were meant to go shopping but he ended up being poorly for a week so I agreed to work instead. Not really much to report here.

Sunday 3

Sunday 3 was my fake birthday party! This year I was away in Rome for my birthday- which I must say was pretty awesome. However that meant that I wasn’t going to see my family on the day, so what better thing to do than host a fake birthday with everybody there. My family and friends all came up to our house for a day of cake, donuts, pizza and beer on the garden and I got to open my presents early- mostly because a lot of people got me euros for my trip and I needed them before we left.

Sunday 4

The final Sunday of the month was spent in Manchester, where we headed off to watch Ed Sheehan at the Etihad stadium. We decided to stay overnight because Manchester is one of our fave places to visit and it was the second bank holiday of the month so why not? Ed was absolutely amazing live, he really involved the crowd and he played a mixture of his old and new music, plus we also got to see Ann Marie as the support act which was pretty cool.

So that’s everything I’ve done over the past 4 Sundays, May has been a very busy month with lots of cool events going on and lots of glorious weather to take advantage of!

What have you been doing with you weekends recently?

Meg x



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