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Festival Queens

I have loved going to festivals since I was 17, I have frequented Leeds Festival many a time and each year I love to try out other festivals including Y Not, and more locally to Sheffield, Tramlines. I’ve also now been on 3 girls holidays, so as you can imagine on both of these types of occasions I like to dress up in some very extra or “jazzy” outfits as I like to call them. That’s why I wanted to talk about Festival Queens, an upcoming brand whose aim is to be as inclusive as possible, for anybody who wants to dress up like a sass Queen for a cool occasions like festivals, parties and holidays. They have recently launched their own site, and it is a treasure trove of glitter, sequins, texture and patterns, and let me tell you I want to try out half of it! Think of it like asos but for festivals, a one stop shop with all your festival needs from outfits to accessories and wigs!

Having recently been to Ibiza I took the opportunity to get on my glad rags and get dressed up for a night out in San Antonio. Now I am a creature of habit when it comes to clothing, I like classic styles, shapes and materials. 3 things which Festival Queens is not, but in a good way. I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and go for something that I loved but would never normally dare to wear, when in Ibiza right? So I went for the “Beady Baby” top in yellow, which is a heavenly, beaded, halter neck number with a tie back. To some people this may not be that out there, but for me it is exciting and different and I felt really good when I was wearing it, and that’s the important thing! I also got some lovely complements when I was wearing this because it’s something a little bit different to what you can find on the high street. If you like something with even more of a WOW factor, I suggest you check out the website and you will understand what I mean, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So what’s great about the “Beady Baby” is that it comes in multiple colours, I’m having a bit of a yellow moment so it was an obvious choice for me, but it also comes in a beautiful green, black/silver, baby pink and iridescent white. Priced at just £21.99 they are very reasonable, especially when you consider you’ll probably never run into anyone wearing the same thing as you. This also makes it the perfect gift, my sister has already been eyeing up mine for when she goes to a festival later this year so maybe she might get one for her birthday. The tops are adjustable between UK sizes 6-14, so are designed to fit a variety of shapes too. I loved that it adjusted to size because it meant I could pull it tight so I felt secure enough to wear it without a bra, which is a risk I don’t often take.

I think if I find myself off to any festivals in the near future I’ll be having a nosy on the Festival Queens site again, I’ve already been eyeing up the PVC bandeaus to wear to Tramlines. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried stuff from Festival Queens or if you’re planning to invest in some pieces to add some glitter to your summer plans!

Meg x


*Festival Queens kindly sent me the Beady baby top for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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