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Checking in with my 2018 Goals

You know way back in January when everyone was at it, setting their New Year’s Resolutions, I wrote a blog post about my goals for the coming year. Well almost 8 months have gone by and I thought it might be about time to check in on my 2018 goals. I like to call them goals not resolutions because they are something to work towards rather than something I’m going to beat myself up over if I don’t quite manage.

So my first goal was to apply myself in my final term of Uni. I think it’s safe to say that went well because  I have now finished my degree. Not only that but I’ve passed with a 2:1. Uni? Completed it mate.

The next goal was to grow my blog and instagram and aim for a collaboration by December. Now this is one that can always be improved upon because hopefully my audience will keep expanding. However I have managed to gain a couple of hundred instagram followers since January and I have worked with a few more exciting brands too! I don’t really want to aim for a set number of followers/ subscribers/ readers because I don’t want to get obsessed with it and get upset if I have anything less.

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Another 2018 goal was to read 20 books this year. So far I have managed 9 out of that 20, not bad but not good either. I’m going to try and push to read a few more over the summer and hopefully get to 20 by December.

So far I’ve read;

Turtles All The Way Down- John Green

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear- Elizabeth Gilbert

The Sun and Her Flowers- Rupi Kaur

Get Your Shit Together- Sarah Knight

The Ocean at the End of the Lane- Neil Gaiman

The Couple Next Door- Shari Lapena

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- Gail Honeyman

After You- Jojo Moyes

The F Word- Lily Pebbles

If you’d like an in depth review of any of these books let me know in the comments below.

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Some other smaller, simpler goals were to drink more water and to eat a little more healthy. I think these are going well, carrying a water bottle round has certainly increased how much I drink. I’ve also made an effort to reduce my meat intake as well to keep healthy but also to try and decrease my environmental impact.

An aim for the year was to travel more. So far I’ve made it to Lanzarote, Rome, Ibiza and London. Granted not to most far flung places ever, but still, Rome and Ibiza were new ones for me which was exciting. For the rest of the year I’ve got a trip to Wales planned in and a couple more trips to London which is fine by me. I would love for 2019 to be the year I possibly make it to Asia, we’ll have to see.

Finally my other big goal for the year was to continue to go cruelty-free and plastic free with my cosmetics and toiletries. I have made a dent and I have now found plastic-free alternatives for my shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body scrub. Almost all my beauty items are also cruelty-free, any that I still have were bought a long time ago and I’m just using them up but am not repurchasing. It’s annoying because I find cosmetics very difficult to find a plastic free alternative for. Let me know if you know any brands which tick both those boxes!

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So that’s a little overview of how I’m getting on with my 2018 goals at this stage in the year. I think it’s always a good idea to come back and think about targets we set ourselves because otherwise what’s the point in them. I’m not saying you must have achieved every goal you set yourself, but it can also serve as a good kick up the arse to see it written down as a reminder.

If you’re now thinking about goals or resolutions you set yourself that you haven’t quite achieved yet, don’t worry there’s still over 5 months left of 2018! What were your goals for the year? How have you been getting on with them so far this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Hannah

    Congrats – it sounds like you are on target for every single one of your goals! I would love book reviews for each of those books, especially the ‘self-help’ ones. xx

    • Meg

      Thank you Hannah! I didn’t realise how on track I was until I looked! Oooh cool, hopefully I’ll be able to get some little reviews together- I do love self help books!!

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