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North Wales: Criccieth and Snowdon

Last week I joined my family on a short break to North Wales. I thought it might be nice to share a few photos of the stunning views and explain a little bit of what we got up to. 


We stayed in a small coastal village called Criccieth, located in the Gwynedd area.  We booked an old stone cottage called Dwyfach, which was tucked away from the crowds up a little lane. The cottage was lovely and cosy and we enjoyed playing cards and watching DVD’s in the evening (we had no choice because the Wi-Fi was piss poor) so I’d highly recommend it.

North Wales wanderingmeg

Despite spending the whole of the first night in A&E (don’t ask, long story) we managed to get out to the beach on the Sunday to make the most of the sun. I became the family boules champion, tucked into some ice cream and thoroughly enjoyed my fish and chips we collected from town on the way home. 

North Wales wanderingmeg

We enjoyed a beer in the afternoon at Dylan’s restaurant that much that we booked in for an evening meal later in the week. Serving seafood fresh from the Welsh coast, in an old converted building, with recycled plastic art pieces hanging overhead it was very unique and I loved it. They even had a beach clean station right outside their door, which encouraged people to do a 2 minute litter pick on the beach front.

North Wales

Cadwalader is also worth noting if you’re ever over that way.  It’s an ice cream parlour which started out with its secret recipe back in 1927, which has drawn crowds for decades. I sampled the famous vanilla and I’ll admit it was damn good! If you’re after a good spot of lunch, a fresh smoothie and a pudding then this is definitely the place to go. 


The most exciting day for me was the day we travelled up Mount Snowdon via the railway. If you fancy a day trip this one is worth doing! You ideally need to pre-book your tickets for this as the trains are only small and run right on schedule. You can walk to the summit of course, but that can take up to 4 hours and between us we had dodgy knees, feet and allsorts. The train took an hour to travel up and down, with a break at the summit, making it a 2 and a half hour round trip.

Snowdon Summit

If you ever get a chance to go up Snowdon, go for it! The view is incredible and it sounds daft but the air is so crisp and clean. We were literally stood above the clouds! So a big thanks to my auntie for booking the trip.



There are plenty of other places worth a visit I North Wales but I would be here all day if I listed them all. We found the best thing to do was to stop at small towns and villages for an hour or so at a time and just have a potter round and enjoy the views.  Also, much of our time was taken up by 2 trips to Bangor, one for A&E and one being towed to Kwik Fit due to a puncture. Just a classic family holiday tbh. So really there wasn’t much point in me giving you a daily itinerary.

Here we are in the recovery vehicle on the way to Bangor.


Have you been to North Wales? If you have where is your favourite place? I’d love to know if I visit again.

Meg x


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