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Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Organic- What does it all mean?

You might hear the words Cruelty-free, vegan and organic thrown around a lot these days but what do they actually mean? They now adorn plenty of packaging, but do we as consumers really understand the labels?

Today I thought I’d unpick what it all means and how to start being more environmentally conscious when buying beauty products. 

What does it all mean? 

So let’s start with Cruelty-Free. This means a product has not been tested on animals during it’s production. These products are often marked with a leaping bunny symbol meaning they are accredited as 100% cruelty-free. 

vegan label

Next, Vegan. This means a product does not contain any animal products such as milk, lanolin or honey. This is where it gets confusing because a product can technically be vegan and not cruelty-free. I’ve noticed recently that large companies which I know aren’t cruelty-free such as Garnier and Unilever are producing products labelled as Vegan. So if you really want to be more animal friendly, you need to make sure your product is both.

Finally, there’s also organic. This means products contain ingredients which have been farmed organically. Meaning without any genetic modification and synthetic fertilisers. Organic products are likely to be better for your skin as they contain fewer harsh chemicals.

How to make a more informed choice?

So how to go about making a change for the better? I’m not suggesting you throw out every single cosmetic product and bottle of shampoo in your home, that’s just wasteful, but it’s time to think a bit more consciously when buying in the future.

The best thing you can do is look for the leaping bunny. Some great brands are Lush (all products are cruelty-free), Superdrug’s own brand and Green People.

A great way to trial a few products in one go is to try out starter sets which brands offer, they also make great gifts for any eco-friendly people in your life.

Green People Starter Packs*

Green People have recently launched their starter packs in a few different ranges including sun care, skincare and haircare. I tried out the Superfood Starter Pack, which contains a shampoo, conditioner and body wash. 

Green People Starter Pack

The shampoo and conditioner both contain Quinoa and Artichoke, and are intended to leave your hair looking shiny, volumised and minus the frizz. This stuff smells amazing, I took them with me on my recent trips to Wales and London and the mini sizes lasted me for both trips with some left over! My hair felt super soft and smelled incredible so I will definitely be grabbing these in the full size versions at some point. Amy also borrowed these in London and she enjoyed them too and we both have very different hair types, mine is long and thick, Amy’s is short, finer and colour treated.

Then there’s the body wash which, again includes the superfood goodness of quinoa but this time paired with Calendula, with an orange and ginger scent.  This wash moisturised my skin and is great for a morning shower due to the citrus scent. 

green people superfood starter pack

What I like most about these products though is that they are vegan, cruelty-free and organic, so they tick all three boxes. I would probably not have bought all three of these items in the full size on a whim, which is why the starter packs are great for trialling them. Now I know I like them, so wouldn’t hesitate to buy the full size. So if you’re looking to make the transition to being more eco-friendly with your beauty products these packs might be a good place to start.

Making a start is the hardest part

Making this eco-friendly transition can seem a bit daunting at first, and I won’t pretend it has been simple and easy but it is worth it. Once you get a few brands under your belt who you know are cruelty-free it’s much easier to shop. I got into eco-friendly beauty through reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos so make a start there and get educated.

Let me know your thoughts on all this in the comments below! 

Meg x


*Green People gifted me the Super Food Starter Pack for review but all thoughts and opinions are my own, I never share products I don’t like or use*

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