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What Happens After Uni?

After studying History for three years, I now find myself a graduate wondering what the hell comes next? I thought it might be interesting to note what happens after uni finishes. When I asked on a recent instagram poll it seemed that lots people were interested.

What happens after Uni: Moving Home

I moved out at 18 when I went to University, meaning I have lived away from my parents home for three years. Anyone that has lived in their own flat or house will know that you become accustomed to coming and going as you please. You learn to fend for yourself, cook when you want and what you want. You can go out when you want, visit friends and your partner when you want, without the need to tell anybody where you are.

After my final student house tenancy expired I moved back home to live with my parents again. Overall it’s been a reasonably smooth transition. There have been no blazing rows and we’ve slipped into a new routine. I still have the freedom to see my friends and boyfriend when I want, and I’m constantly in and out going to work. I’ve just had to readapt to letting somebody know where I’ll be.


My relationship with my parents has remained great, and if anything I’d say it’s better than it was when I was 18 and ready to move out for the first time. I”m super grateful that they’ve had me back so that I can start really saving to get a place of my own one day.

That is the first home truth about being a graduate, unless you land on your feet with a well paid job straight away, you will probably not have any money for rent. University wiped me clean of money, I’m not skint, but I’m in no position to be able to afford to live on my own. I would recommend moving back home if you can, as an opportunity to really save up. Oh, and look into a Help to Buy ISA while you’re at it.

“So what are you doing now then?”

“So what are you doing now you’ve finished studying?” the question which fills every graduate with dread. Everybody asks you, family, friends, parents of friends and total strangers who you’ve just met. Every time somebody asks me it makes my stomach churn and I just want to bury my head in the sand. The simple answer is I DON’T KNOW! Some people have a set career goal and know where they want to be, I’m a bit less sure.


I completed my degree in history which I really enjoyed, the skills I gained are invaluable and I have a useless fount of knowledge now. However my degree does not correlate directly with a set profession like some others do. If I had a pound for every person who asked me if I’m going to become a history teacher *eye roll*.


Having set up this blog midway through my degree, I’m now inclined to think I want to end up working in the journalism/blogosphere. In an ideal world I’d be a full time blogger or freelance content creator. However I’m a realistic person and I know it takes a long time to build up to taking that leap of faith.

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So what have I been doing in the months since finishing my degree? I’ve been trying to get some valuable experience under my belt. I’ve been working two internships, one paid and one not. One is at a magazine, where I have learned so much about how publications run and further dipped my toe into content creation. This experience has only confirmed that I really enjoy this field and it is of real interest to me.

The other internship has been at a children’s literacy charity, which is fronted by a wizards’ apothecary. It is any Harry Potter fans dream and it encourages me to be creative everyday. I had volunteered here for 18 months prior to the internship, so I guess it’s a case of who you know and making a good impression.

When these two roles draw to an end I’ll be picking up more hours in my retail job over Christmas, but with the goal in mind of continuing to grow my blog at the same time. It’s going to be a slow process but I’m determined to stick at it.

Final thoughts

I guess what i’m getting at is that everything is a bit uncertain when you leave university, at least it is for me. Most of your friends will now be scattered across the country, you’re career plans may be up in the air and you have to readjust to new living arrangements. I’m personally just trying to remember that all of that is okay. There is no real rush to move out or find a definite career. Plus I’m in the same boat as thousands of other people trying to adult.

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Get in touch

What are your thoughts on what happens after uni? Are you a recent graduate, will this be you in a years time or are you more settled now after a few years of working? Let me know in the comments below I’m intrigued and in need of reassurance lol.

Meg x



  • Hannah

    I am a recent Graduate too and am in the same position as yourself, except my degree directly correlates to a job. I was similar to yourself in that I went to University straight from my A Levels and therefore am currently enjoying this time to myself before going back into the world of work. Good luck with everything and remember there is no time limit on life! x

    • Meg

      Yeah it’s nice to enjoy a bit of time to put feelers out to see what you might want to end up doing full time! Thank you, and good luck to you too, I’m sure we’ll muddle through and everything will be okay xx

  • Rachel

    I think your blog is a great idea. A reflective diary, relevant and real. You are a stablizing beacon for others reading your blog who themselves are in a similar position of what the heck do I do now. For myself, I’ve been ‘adulting’ for a few years now and have a plan up my sleeve, but the reality of pushing those boundaries is still just as real has those just starting out. A good reflection every now and again will help you to steady your flow and keep you upright xx

    • Meg

      Thanks for reading Rachel! There are so many people in the same boat so I thought I’d just write it all down, even if just for my own sanity! Good luck with your “plan” I’m sure you’ll smash it. It doesn’t matter whether your a newbie to adulting or what I like to call “a proper grown up” it’s never too late to start something new or feel nervous about it! X

  • Hannah

    I know what you mean! I had no idea what I wanted to do after uni! I came home and was like “what now”. I’m now in a job I love but sadly it isn’t a permanent job which sucks, so I’m going to be job-less again come October. I too moved back home after uni and definitely think I’m closer to my mum and dad now than before I went to uni!

    • Meg

      It’s a funny situation! Glad you’re enjoying your job, I’m sure you’ll find something new come October but at least you’ve got some more experience now!!

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