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How To Prep Your Wardrobe For Autumn

I think we can all agree that Autumn is well and truly in the air. We are having the odd burst of sunshine but the rain is creeping in and there’s a definite chill in the morning. So today I thought I’d talk about how to prep your wardrobe for Autumn.

I am a wardrobe organisation junkie. I bloody love changing it up season by season, so I’ve been quick to get sorting it out. If you are a long term reader you probably know that I try to operate a capsule wardrobe system, which means I swap out my clothes by season. I also try to limit my buying, if I add new items to my wardrobe I try to make a list of items that are missing which will work in lots of different outfit combinations. So if I decide to add some new items, most likely knitwear, it will be from a pre-decided list and I’ll be trying to buy from ethical clothing brands as well.

Overview of wardrobe storage

Lay it all out

So the first thing to do when approaching a new season is to get everything out of your wardrobe. You want to essentially build your wardrobe back up from scratch. It’s also a classic case of not being able to see the wood for the trees. All your clothes will blend into one big mass so you need to get them all out and handle them individually. Then add them back in one by one thinking about whether you will actually wear it in the coming months.

Say bye to Summer

The next task is to segregate all your summer clothes. Shorts, camisoles, sandals and anything else lightweight probably won’t get much wear in Autumn. I like to store mine away in a suitcase so that my wardrobe isn’t too cluttered. If you don’t want to do that, maybe put them all to one side of the wardrobe/ on a shelf/ in a drawer. Removing off-season clothing helps me to put together suitable outfits much quicker then having it all mixed in.

Say hello to knitwear

You will be wanting heavier weight items like denim and knitwear in the colder months. I take all mine out of storage and add them back into my wardrobe. I like to fold my knitwear so that it doesn’t get misshapen on the hangers. On my shelving I have my hoodies in one pile and my knitwear on another, making it all easy to grab.

Pile of knitwear

Remove what’s past it’s best

In this transitional period when i’ve taken all my clothes out of the wardrobe I also like to have a little declutter. I take note of my clothes asking myself; is there anything I don’t wear? Are any items tatty and past their best? Is anything stained and snagged? If so, this is the time where I will remove these items and either donate them, send them to charity or recycle them. Never throw clothing in the bin to go to landfill. See if you can sell any items, pass them onto friends or put them in a textile recycling bin.

Shopping time?

After the clear out, I’ll consider whether I need to add any new items. For Autumn this could be long sleeved tops, jumpers, jeans or a warmer going out outfit. For me this season I’ve added in a couple of new long sleeve tops. I get so much wear out of the ones I already own as I don’t have many so it made sense to add in some more. I picked them up from Joules (because I’m an old lady) as they are high quality and are made of thick cotton so they wash well and keep me nice and toasty.

Jot down what you want before you hit the shops to help avoid unnecessary purchases. If you want black boots and a denim skirt, don’t go looking at high heels and jumpers, you’ll come home with stuff you don’t need.

Autumnal wardrobe

 A final word

I think wardrobes are a very personal thing, so there are no set rules for everyone to follow. I like to try and keep mine minimal so I attempt not to flood it with impulse purchases. I like monochrome, “sludge” colours, stripes and polka dots so most of my items work well together. Other people might like to have choice, lots of colour and patterns and that’s okay too.

Basically the turn of the season is all about having a refresh, swapping out clothes to be weather appropriate and writing a list of any missing pieces you think your wardrobe lacks. I personally am trying to be more minimal and ethical. If you want to do that, great! If you don’t that’s fine too, each to their own and all that.

Let me know in the comments below what you like to do to spruce up your clothing in Autumn? Also do you love to sale shop and impulse buy or are you more considered when purchasing new clothes? I’m interested in how you guys shop, let me know in the comments below.

Meg x



  • Chris fletcher

    Hey Meg,decided I’m gonna my stuff out too in my wardrobe and draws,as I have just come back after my last summer holiday and it’s definitely turning cooler,so here goes,summer clothes in wardrobe in spare room and winter in my room,cheers for the tips 😀👍🏻

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