Some Thoughts on Instagram

As a blogger instagram should be my best friend, why then do I find it so frustrating at times? Today I’m going to share some thoughts on instagram and weigh up the pro’s and cons.

In theory it should all be very simple, you upload a photo, maybe stick a filter on it and voila it’s done. However now Instagram is a whole new ball game, especially if you’re a blogger.

Followers mean everything

I don’t want to be obsessed by numbers I really don’t. I hate the thought of being *that* person that’s obsessed with likes and followers but nowadays it’s hard not to be. The biggest reason for this is brands. For some reason brands seem to think the bigger the instagram following means the better the blogger. Now I’d just like to say that this post is not hating on other bloggers or content creators, it’s merely an observation.

I have noticed that bloggers may have a small following on WordPress/ Bloglovin etc but a larger instagram audience. Good for them, that platform seems to have an engaged audience. Brands are then willing to collaborate with these individuals for paid content. It’s understandable, they can reach a wide audience on one platform. My gripe with this is that what if instagram is not your best platform? What if your blog gets thousands of views, your twitter is doing well but you’re just not that into instagram? Well game over I’m afraid. I know I’m not alone in thinking this.

Scrolling Instagram

It’s hard to grow

Some people have a knack for insta. Their feed is beautifully curated, they post regularly and this supposed algorithm favours them and boosts their posts higher. I personally have tried to do everything ‘right” to try and build up an engaged audience of people who genuinely enjoy my content. I try to post regularly, use all the right hashtags, tag brands, interact with my followers and yet still my follower count does not go up. Instead it fluctuates constantly because of bots, and people following and then unfollowing to try and boost their own figures.

It’s not real

Where is the fun in all this? It feels like instagram has become one big game of who has more followers? You could put it down to content, some people might simply find me boring and that I am genuinely okay with. However I think we’re building a culture that there is a certain way to act and post on instagram and I don’t like it. My lovely friend Tracey often puts it very nicely and posts “real” photo’s that aren’t staged purely for instagram and might not fit a theme. I love watching her insta stories because they are an insight into her real life and that makes a real change to a lot of other people I follow.

Scrolling Instagram


Don’t even get me started on spam it drives me up the wall. Spam Dm’s offering to up your follower count. Spam emails offering the chance to buy more followers. Brands sending out hundreds of DM’s asking people to be affiliates, still pay for items and shipping and then expect free promotion. The list goes on and it’s very annoying. Most annoying are spam or bot followers who follow and then unfollow soon after so that your follower count is never a true representation of real people following you.

So yeah, that was a bit of a ramble but these are just a few thoughts on instagram based on what I’ve observed. I don’t want this post to come off as bitter because it’s not it’s just some thoughts on how the world of social media is changing. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Meg x


  • Tracey

    Thankyou for the lovely mention
    Your raise some great points and your not alone – I find Instagram very frustrating at times , especially the numbers game … at one time I was obsessing about them So much it started driving me crazy so I took a step back.
    I’m definitely trying to concentrate more on my blog … instagram isn’t guaranteed to be around forever but hopefully and for as long as I want it to be my blog will be.
    Tracey x

    • Meg

      You’re welcome! It can be really hard not to find yourself obsessing over follower numbers but I just try and think that if people are interested then they will follow, if they aren’t then they won’t! Same I just keep plodding along with the blogging and keeping my fingers crossed for good things haha x

  • Hannah

    I personally am really bad at posting on Instagram – I get so obsessed over the theme and the caption that I forget to caption and my follower count reflects that. However, I am really good at interacting with other bloggers on their posts which is how I have managed to maintain my current follower count. Good luck!

    • Meg

      I think the most important thing is to engage! If you reply to your comments and discover new accounts I think that’s more important than the actual number of followers you have x

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