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This year rolled around pretty quickly and we’re already over a week into January, I sense another speedy year like 2018. Today I thought I would jot down my 2019 goals and aspirations for the upcoming year.

I don’t like setting new years resolutions and I certainly won’t be beating myself up about not reaching certain targets. I see goal setting as more of a way to help myself check in periodically through the year. I’m going to lay out a few hopes I have for myself in the coming months, then I can look back and see if I need to refocus my attention as the months go by. I did a similar post to this last year with my 2018 Goals if you fancy a read of those. So onto my focusses for the next 12 months and more.


I’ll admit my fitness was not on the agenda back in January 2018 when I set my last lot of goals. Enjoying exercise is something that came as a surprise to me and crept into my life in the last 6 months of last year. My aims for 2019 are simple, I’d love to continue building up my strength in the gym, which I’ve been doing by personal training with my friend Aimee. I also learned to brave the gym solo recently so I fancy pushing myself that little bit further.

gym kit

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen that for the next couple of months I will be a MoveGB Sheffield ambassador*, meaning I’ll be trying out some new activities thanks to their fabulous app. My aim for the year will be to try out at least one new class or activity each month, to give me some variety. I’ve got my eyes on trying out yoga and getting back into climbing which I did a lot as a kid and loved!

I don’t have any specific numbers of how much weight I want to be able to lift or how many reps I want to manage of an exercise. For me it’s more about feeling good and listening to my body. So hopefully I can keep this up this year, especially with MoveGB giving me a helping hand at the start of the year.

Blogging turns 2 in January this year which means I’ve been at this blogging thing a decent stretch of time now. My goal for the year is to continue forging friendships with fellow content creators. Last year I found it so rewarding to be a part of the blogging community. I met some fabulous people at events in Sheffield and through WeBlogNorth.

Blogging plans

Obviously it’s nice to work with brands and this year I hope to continue to build relationships with brands I’ve already worked with. My aim is to only work with brands I think align with my values and interests and are either beneficial to my followers and are ethical and cruelty-free. I also aim to be as consistent as I can with my posting and only post quality content that I enjoy writing. Hopefully 2019 will hold good things for my little corner of the internet.


I always have to mention my travel aspirations for the year. I already know I’m off to Dublin and Tenerife at the start of this year so I’ll be trying my hand at pulling a pint of Guinness and baking in a bit of sun by the pool. However I hope to plan in some more getaways throughout the year. Obviously my main travel aim is and always will be to get myself to South East Asia for a prolonged period of time. However what with graduating University and needing to find a “proper job” and saving for a house I don’t know how likely that is.

Dublin Guide

In the meantime I’d love to get away on a couple of staycations as I love getting outdoors for some fresh air. Last year I really enjoyed a trip to Wales so something like that would be ideal. I also know there’s talks of Disney Land Paris with Josh, so we shall see. I’m sure you will be the first to know if I book anything exciting. My top destinations in Europe that I’d love to see are Split in Croatia, Lake Bled in Slovenia and Prague


Last year I set myself the challenge of reading 20 books and just fell short, achieving 17. Obviously this is not the end of the world but I just like to set myself a little challenge so I’ll be trying for 20 again in 2019. I think I should manage it as I’m now no longer having to do set reading for University/ finish a dissertation so I have more time available.

feminist books

I also received a years worth of audible credits as a gift. Meaning that each month I can select an audiobook to download to listen to. At the moment I’m listening to Michelle Obama’s, Becoming. It is amazing and I would highly recommend, so that will be book number 1 ticked off of the list. If you have any book recommendations please leave them in the comments below.


Sustainability is still big on my agenda this year. You can look forward to even more sustainability content, which started to make more of an appearance last year. I have significantly cut down plastic is some areas of my life by buying naked shower products and using a reusable water bottle and flask. There is always space to do more though! I want to reduce the amount of single use plastic that comes into my life such as unwanted catalogues wrapped in plastic, trying to buy chocolate and sweets in paper rather than plastic bags and things like that which are less obvious.

packaging free products wanderingmeg

So these are just a few of my focusses for the coming year. Some of the are continuations from last year so I should be able to keep up with them. Others mean I need to keep motivated. I’ll check back in on these goals periodically through the year to see how I’m getting on, but as I said I won’t be getting upset about them.

What are your 2019 goals? Comment them below!

Meg x



*Over the next couple of months I will be working with MoveGB in there Sheffield campaign. Instagram content will be sponsored and marked with AD. This however is not a sponsored post and is just me sharing some exciting news with you.


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