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Feminists Don’t Wear Pink Review | AD

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink. How many times have you heard ridiculous statements like these? Even in 2019 there are still sweeping statements thrown about which suggests feminism is just about burning your bra and hating men.

However it’s about much more than that. We’re over a 100 years on from women getting the vote and we may not have suffragettes anymore, but feminism is no less important, as there is still inequality in various forms throughout society. Luckily for us, women like Scarlett Curtis are here to pave the way for every modern day feminist.

The Book That Started It All

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink And Other Lies is the book which Scarlett curated, comprised of 52 essays from so many amazing and inspiring women. The book covers topics from imposter syndrome, education, periods and feminist history to name a few. I’d highly recommend you give it a read. It’s very easy to dip in and out of, or read in one go if you’re hungry for all the female empowerment you can get. With contributors including Jameela Jamil, Karen Gillan, Zoe Sugg and Helen Fielding its hard not to find something you love in there.

Feminists don't wear pink book

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink Podcast

From the book spawned the podcast, Feminists Don’t Wear Pink, where Scarlett has used her outlet to interview many of the fascinating women who contributed to the book, and delve further into feminism. So when Penguin Live asked if I wanted to go and see the Feminists Don’t Wear Pink Podcast being recording in Manchester, obviously I jumped at the chance.*

podcast penguin live

Firstly, we were treated to a stand up sketch by feminist comedian, Grace Campbell. This was incredibly funny and if you get chance to see her live, I’d recommend her. She covered various topics, some cruder than others but she was a scream. She also has an essay in the book! After Grace warmed up the crowd, it was time for Scarlett to interview her guest, Munroe Bergdorf.

Monroe Bergdorf

Munroe is a model and social activist, and she is also transgender. She was able to offer a very interesting insight into the world of feminism. Particularly how it still has a long way to go to be wholly inclusive and representative of all people regardless of race, gender or disabilty. As a black woman, she gave her honest opinion about not just “white privilege” but also how we can all use our privilege to help support, and be an ally to other women and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

feminists don't wear pink

Feminism is not just about campaigning to end period poverty, closing the gender pay gap and stopping ridiculous abortion laws- although all of these things are hugely important. It’s also about supporting and representing each other as equals and ensuring each and every one of us, including non-binary people are not disadvantaged mentally, medically, socially or economically for being who we are.

Explore For Yourself

I would highly recommend giving the book a read or the podcast a listen, as both are equally interesting and inspiring. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on Feminism and what it means to you in the comments below. Or have you read the book, or listened to the podcast- what’s  your favourite essay or episode?


Meg x


*The tickets to this event were gifted in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own.


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