How to support small businesses and freelancers
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How To Support Small Businesses and Freelancers

Today I thought I would put together a list of ways you can support small businesses and freelancers from your home during this difficult time.

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that we are nearing a full lock down, and this time looks uncertain for businesses. Unfortunately, for lots of small businesses and freelancers it will be very difficult to survive financially in the current climate. However there are things you can do to support independents to keep their business ticking over.

Buy a Gift Voucher from a Small Business

This situation is really taking it’s toll on the leisure and hospitality industries and it will be difficult for businesses to keep paying their staff. You can show your support by buying a voucher to be used when people are no longer having to social distance or self isolate.

You could buy a voucher for a local restaurant, independent cinema, theatre group or health and beauty salon. Or you could look into local cafes or artisan shops and see if they do gift cards. Let’s be right, it doesn’t look as if we’re all going to be heading out to shopping centres anytime soon so vouchers might be a good gift option anyway.

Buy Services or Products from Small Businesses and Freelancers

Do you need a service? Eg. Help setting up a website? Or do you need to learn a new skill? You can look into whether a freelancer has an e-book on this topic, or can offer their IT services? It might only be a few pounds to you but it can make a huge difference to someone who is self employed.

Some small shops may have to close, but may still be running an online service for the time being. If this is the case you could order from small businesses rather than places like Amazon. This support will really go a long way while ever it is safe to do so.

At Home Classes by Freelancers

Do you usually spend a lot of time at the gym? Or are you worried that self isolation is going to have an impact on your mental health? Why not try at home classes? Personally, my gym has already closed so this is a great option for me. Of course you can turn to Youtube for tutorials, but I think there’s a lot to be said for a live class where you can speak to the instructor over the microphone or using a chat function.

This would also be a great time to try a new class such as Yoga, Pilates, HIIT. Nobody will be there to watch you so you can get comfortable with the exercise at home.

Local Delivery Services

If you’re no longer able to go shopping or can’t get an online order delivery slot, why not look into local delivery services. There are lots of local dairies, bakeries and markets that offer delivery. By taking your business to small companies it will really help them, whilst also saving you from braving Tesco or Asda.

Not only that but often these small businesses have a positive environmental impact. You could look at ordering a wonky veg box so that produce which would otherwise go to landfill will get eaten.

Share More Suggestions

I understand the need to be mindful of money during this time. If you were going to be spending money on gifts or food anyway though, I really urge you to support local small businesses and freelancers during this time if you can. For some great examples in Sheffield check out Exposed Magazine’s Live Blog for updated info on how to support local businesses!

If you have any other suggestions please comment below. Or, if you are a small business or freelancer, feel free to link your page below.

Meg x


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