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Things To Do In Lockdown

How’s everyone finding things? Are you struggling to find things to do in lockdown? On a scale of crawling the walls to embracing life as a recluse I’d say I sit somewhere in the middle.

I’m very happy to stay indoors at the moment and have only left my house twice in eight weeks ( and no I’m not even shielding). However I am of course really missing seeing my loved ones.

I’m very lucky that I can work from home, I don’t have children to homeschool and that we’ve been able to get food deliveries so I haven’t needed to venture out. Today I thought I’d share some things you can do at home incase you are getting bored and need to do something other than a Zoom Quiz night.

Elevenses with Sarah Powell- Instagram lives

If you need a bit of positivity in your week this is it. I’ve followed Sarah for ages and during lockdown she’s been hosting “Elevenses” every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on instagram live. It’s half an hour talking about what snacks we’re eating and celebrating the little things, like finally putting your trackie bottoms in the wash or managing not to kill a house plant. This is Sarah’s profile!

Normal People

If you’ve not heard of this one you may have been living under a rock. I was actually super excited and apprehensive for this series to be released. Normal People- Sally Rooney was hands down the best book I read last year, I absolutely devoured it and couldn’t stop thinking of it afterwards. The thought of a TV adaption not living up to the book made me nervous but oh my gosh it is AMAZING! It’s a 12 part series with each episode only half an hour long. You follow Connell and Marianne from finishing college and through their time at University. It is the most frustrating and amazing thing I’ve ever watched. So this is a recommendation for both the book and the TV show, I don’t have a bad word to say about either.

Disney+ Nature

As soon as I got wind of Disney+ coming to the UK I was straight there throwing my money at it. So far I’ve re-lived my youth by watching Lizzie McGuire and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, plus binged all of the Star Wars films. What I’ve really been loving however is the nature documentaries. I’m a big fan of things like Blue Planet, Planet Earth and all the rest but these are different because they are so funny. They’re narrated by some well known names and they essentially give the animals their own voice so it’s like you’re following their thoughts. So far I’ve watched Elephants, Chimpanzee and Penguins and loved all of them so I’d highly recommend. They would also be good things to do in lockdown with kids.

The Anna Edit Quiz

I know I mentioned that people might be sick of Zoom quizzes but I had to list this one here. If you are in need of a quiz for your family, or you just want to have a go yourself, Anna has put together a fantastic one. What’s best is that she’s linked all the rounds on a blog post and the questions are separate so you can do this quiz by yourself!

Animal Crossing

Years ago I dedicated hours of my life to playing Animal Crossing Let’s Go to the City on my Nintendo Wii. Well it’s since had a glow up and now I am killing lots of time playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on my Switch Lite. If you have the console and haven’t tried this game yet I highly recommend. Or if you’re looking to really treat somebody with a gift, this game is pure escapism and joy!

Jigsaw Puzzles

My name is Meg and I’m obsessed with jigsaw puzzles. I’ve always liked a puzzle but haven’t done one in years. I would say that puzzles have contributed the most to filling my spare time these past couple of months. My favourites are the Schmidt Thomas Kinkade Disney ones, I’d recommend looking on eBay as they are quite expensive at the moment otherwise. I also found a couple of others like this Inspirational Women one of this World Map one, printed with eco friendly inks.

At Home Gel Nails

A lot of people have been finding it a struggle since salons have shut down. I very rarely get my nails done and I’m a nail biter and picker (I know I really should pack it in). I decided that lock down would be a good chance for me to upgrade my usual coat of BarryM nail varnish for an at home gel kit. So I treated myself to the full works and I have been doing at home gel manicures, and if I do say so myself they look great. What’s even better is that it’s stopped me biting them and is helping me grow my nails out. Let me know if you’d be interesting in me doing a post on what’s in my kit.

The Flatshare

If you’re after a lighthearted book recommendation then I would definitely suggest The Flatshare– Beth O’Leary. It’s not the kind of thing I would usually read but I absolutely loved this and I gave it a 5 star rating. It follows Tiffy and Leon, who for financial reasons share a one bedroomed flat. Despite sharing a room, they never meet because of their differing shift pattern. I don’t want to give too much away but I couldn’t put it down!

Be Kind Magazine

My favourite magazine has gone online during lockdown and what’s better is it’s free. I like this magazine as it’s not about gossip but instead focusses on sustainability, creativity and being eco friendly. If you’d like to have a read you can do here for free whileever lockdown continues and they can’t publish in print.

Stay Safe

So there you have it my round up of things to do in lockdown incase you’re stuck for ideas. I’d love to know what you’ve been up to during this time, leave me a comment below!

Stay safe and look after each other!

Meg x

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