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We all know we should be doing more for the planet, but sometimes the thought of changing our entire lifestyle can be overwhelming. Here are some easy sustainable swaps we can all make as a collective to help reduce our impact on the planet.

*Items marked with a * are PR samples sent from brands, I have no obligation to post about. As always my opinions are honest.

Sustainable Period Products

Every person who has a period uses on average up to 11,000 disposable products in a lifetime. These do not go away, they don’t biodegrade and they don’t help our planet.

An easy sustainable swap to make is to reusable period products. This could be a Menstrual Cup which can last years and is a great alternative to tampons. There are plenty of cups to choose from, follow each brands guidance for which size to choose and you’re off! I’ve been using one for years and it’s so handy. I personally have a Mooncup and it’s always worked perfectly for me but have a quick google about sizes! No carting around excess products or feeling uncomfortable dependent on which day you’re on.

Another option would be period pants. I’ve recently tried out the WUKA Period Pants* and I am super impressed! I wasn’t sure how I would get on with them but I think I’m a convert already. They’re comfortable and they feel pretty much like usual underwear. They have absorbent layers which collect your period and then can be washed and worn again next time. I found these great for nighttime, as a back up on heavier days or a fab alternative when I just couldn’t get comfy with a cup, because let’s be real, sometimes you just CANNOT GET COMFY! You can wear them pretty much all day and they have different absorbencies depending on your flow.

WUKA Period Pants flatlay

WUKA stands for Wake Up, Kick Ass and they are currently campaigning to cut the tax on sustainable period pants. They want to make it easier for people to make eco-friendly swaps that benefit the consumer and the planet. If you’re interested I’ve tried The Ultimate Midi Brief* and the Ultimate Bikini* but they’ve also just launched a seamless range.

High waisted WUKA Period pants on model

So give a sustainable period a go, it might cost more initially but it will cost you way less int he long run and it’s one of the best easy sustainable swaps you can make!

Switch to a Green Energy Supplier

This is something we will be looking into as we have recently moved and we’ve now got a couple of months bills under our belt. Switching to a renewable energy supplier can not only save you money but also benefits the planet. The less people who are buying into companies which rely on fossil fuels the better. In the UK the most frequent recommendations are Octopus and Bulb so it’s worth looking into who serves your area. It’s also worth asking around as each have their own referral code system so you and a friend could both save a bit of cash too.

Drink Loose Leaf Tea

Don’t get me wrong I love a cup of Yorkshire Tea as much as the next person but did you know that lots of tea bags contain plastic? As an alternative, drinking loose leaf tea cuts out the plastic and the leaves can be added to compost or placed in your food waste bin. I use a lot of the T2 or Teapigs teas and use a silicone reusable tea diffuser in the shape of a Hippo, I call her Petunia!

Switch Off Your Plugs!

This seems like such an obvious one and it’s something we will have been told for years, but still we don’t do it! By leaving your electrical on standby you are still using energy. Flick off any lights in rooms you aren’t using and turn plugs off at the wall rather than leaving consoles etc on standby mode, you’ll save yourself money and reduce your environmental impact.

Eat More Plant Based

I’m not telling everybody they have to become Vegan overnight but a swap towards a more plant based diet can have health benefits, cut shopping bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

I am vegetarian, I drink Oat milk and I eat “accidentally vegan” meals al the time. You don’t have to do the same but even doing “Meat Free Monday” or switching to a plant based milk can have huge impacts. On the topic of milk, Oat milk is shown to have the least environmental impact in contrast to the likes of Almond milk, plus it tastes damn good on cereal and in tea!

Higgidy The Veggie Cookbook Flatlay

It’s not just the air miles that contribute to your carbon footprint when you eat meat or animal products, is the feed, water and energy that is needed to rear even 1 animal. There are shedloads of exciting veggie and vegan meals out there, trust me it’s not like eating “rabbit food”.

So these are just a few easy sustainable swaps you could look at making. You don’t have to do them all at once, baby steps is the key here. It’s not about 1 person being perfect, it’s about lots of people making small changes imperfectly that can make a huge difference.

What’s your favourite or most recent easy sustainable swap you’ve made?

Meg x

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