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Hello, my name is Meg and welcome to my blog. This page is just a little about me so you know who the person behind the screen is.

I’m 23 years old and I live in Sheffield and I’ve been running for three years. I’m also a freelance copywriter with a passion for sharing feel good content.

Anthropologie London wanderingmeg

I love to document my travels with my friends and boyfriend, sharing travel tips and city guides, so expect plenty of travel based content. I also love to share bits and bobs that are going on in my home town of Sheffield. So if you’re local, expect menu reviews and “things to do” style posts.

I’m a uni graduate, so a lot of my previous content is, unsurprisingly uni related. If you’re currently studying, or think you might want to, hopefully some of my posts will be helpful to you.

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My blog focusses on sustainability and how to make intentional choices, being good to the environment and how we can reduce our impact. I never want to come across as preachy, we’re all on our own personal journey to live ¬†amore sustainable life. Instead I want to share small swaps we can all make to help out our planet and live a happier lifestyle.

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I also feature posts about cruelty-free beauty or sustainable fashion here and there if you’re looking for brands that are kinder to the planet. I try to operate a capsule wardrobe system so that’s another set of posts to keep an eye out for!

So I think that’s enough about me for now. Explore and if you feel like it, check out my instagram, YouTube and other social media channels! They’re linked all around the site.

Meg x


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