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    Boots Has A Sweetshop You Need To Know About

    If any of you are particularly Eagle-eyed, you may have noticed that in the last few weeks something new has arrived to your local Boots store. The new look, ‘Sweetshop’ Self selection makeup stands have been launched in larger stores across the country! I checked out the new stands in the Meadowhall store recently, and I have to say I was very impressed. The stands have a clean, modern look and are all about making it easier for the customer. Each brand has it’s own module, with lighted mirrors and display panels with product details on. Not to mention an abundance of testers to try out all the new products…

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    Holiday Empties

    So as you know, I like to keep track of my empties, which products I have been using up over the previous weeks/months and what I thought about them. Today I thought it might be cool to talk about just the holiday empties which I acquired. I recently went away to Lanzarote for two weeks with my family and Josh, now that’s a decent amount of time so I did expect that I would be able to finish some products up. Some are a little different to my usual choices, because no one wants to take their most expensive products away with them, in case you have to leave them…

  • Glossier Cloudpaints

    Glossier Is It Still Worth The Hype?

    Okay so last year Glossier took the UK by storm. We had been waiting for months and it finally came after months and months of longing for what was already loved over the pond. I will admit I was on the site at 8am the day of the UK launch, I had my list, I knew what I wanted and my basket was full by 8.04am. So clearly the hype was huge, now around 6 months after the UK launch I’m going to discuss whether I think Glossier is still worth the hype. The thing is about Glossier is that we were all forced, in the UK, to buy based…

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    What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

    After a hectic week of Uni deadlines and working, I’m super excited to finally be packing for my holiday! Very soon I’ll be a jetting off for a bit of sun in Lanzarote with Josh and my family. I thought I’d do a little bit of content on what I’ve been packing to take with me, as if you’re nosey like me, you might find it interesting. So I’m starting off with what’s in my travel makeup bag! Usually I try and be as minimal as possible when packing beauty products to take away with me, however this trip will be nearly 2 weeks so I want to make sure…

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    Products I’m Trying To Use Up

    I have regularly posted Empties posts for the last year, but you may remember in my most recent one I pledged to try and reduce my use of plastics and buy more ‘naked’ products with zero packaging. Well I’ve stuck to my word and have been using a solid shower gel, shampoo and body scrub so that’s 3 less bottles used! However some products have to be packaged and I still possess quite a few of them. Today I have compiled a list of a few items which I am attempting to finish off before I recycle their packaging. I chose these items for various reasons including the fact that…