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    Some Thoughts on Instagram

    As a blogger instagram should be my best friend, why then do I find it so frustrating at times? Today I’m going to share some thoughts on instagram and weigh up the pro’s and cons. In theory it should all be very simple, you upload a photo, maybe stick a filter on it and voila it’s done. However now Instagram is a whole new ball game, especially if you’re a blogger. Followers mean everything I don’t want to be obsessed by numbers I really don’t. I hate the thought of being *that* person that’s obsessed with likes and followers but nowadays it’s hard not to be. The biggest reason for…

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    Behind the Scenes of Blogging

    So I’ve been at this whole blogging thing over a year now, I know, I can’t believe it either. So after this amount of time I have a pretty solid idea of what it takes to keep my blog running smoothly and I have learned how to organise myself to make sure my content is the best it can be. I get asked quite a lot of questions, by various different people about the actual logistics of what it’s like to run a blog. There are so many bloggers and content creators out there now, which is amazing but I feel like often people don’t see what goes on behind…

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    Why I started Blogging

    Today I thought I’d talk about why I started blogging nearly 6 months ago! I’d like to start by saying those months have flown by since I started and, would it be bad to say I’m pretty proud of myself for even having the balls to start it up in the first place? I have been an avid reader of blogs from my early teens, beauty blogs, travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, you name it I’ve read it. I love blogs that provide nerdy printouts for organising your life, blogs that document travelling to various destinations and what to see when you’re there, blogs that give reviews on the latest…

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    5 Times I Failed at Blogging

    So at just under 4 months in, I would say I’m getting the hang of this blogging malarky but I am by no means an expert. There are times as any fellow blogger will understand, that I¬†want to tear my hair out over this creative outlet of mine. As much as I love it, I get stressed and there in lies the problem, because this is a stress I put on myself for no reason. This leads me to number 1. Putting too much pressure on myself We all do it, in all aspects of life, but this pressure for me manifests itself in my blogging. I am quite a…